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Advantages Of Suncenter Nitrogen Spring Nitrogen Filling Device

Advantages Of Suncenter Nitrogen Spring Nitrogen Filling Device


High-pressure nitrogen gas spring is often used in relatively precise automotive molds. It is a new type of elastic component with high-pressure nitrogen as working medium. It is small in size, large in elasticity, long in stroke, stable in operation, precise in manufacturing and long in service life (1 million times). ), the elastic curve is gentle, and does not need to be pre-tightened, etc. It has difficult work done by conventional elastic components such as metal springs, rubber and air cushions, simplifies mold design and manufacture, facilitates mold installation and adjustment, and prolongs the service life of the mold to ensure Stable product quality, can also be designed as a nitrogen spring system, as part of the mold to participate in the work, can easily achieve constant pressure and delay action in the system, is a new generation of the most ideal elastic parts with flexible properties.

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In the production process of high-pressure nitrogen gas spring, it is inevitable to use a core product of Suncenter, a nitrogen spring nitrogen-filled device, which is used to inject a relatively high nitrogen pressure into the high-pressure chamber of the nitrogen gas spring. It can also be used for nitrogen spring pressure supplementation.


Dongguan Suncenter Portable Gas Spring Inflator has the advantages of small size, high pressure and convenient carrying, up to several tons, small size, hygienic and easy to use. Its core is the Pisente patented “pneumatic booster pump” as the booster power unit. The commonly used models are DGA40 and DGA25 nitrogen booster pumps. Only the inlet is connected with a nitrogen cylinder, and the outlet is equipped with a high-voltage switch. , high pressure pressure gauges, etc., the highest pressure can reach 320bar.


The device does not need electricity, the pressing speed is fast, the output pressure is high, and the whole machine is less than 20KG, which is convenient to carry. The Suncenter SUNCENTER Nassert nitrogen spring nitrogen filling unit is based on advanced fluid control technology and has superior performance.


In this industrially developed, high-efficiency production and high-quality products, most mold companies will start a nitrogen spring nitrogen filling device to simplify mold design and manufacturing, and improve production efficiency.

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