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1.Gas Industry

Suncenter Gas boosters are used for oil free compression of clean shop air as well as industrial gases like Argon, Helium, Oxygen, Hydrogen and Nitrogen,CO2, etc..max pressure up to 80 MPa.We provide customers with various kinds of gas boosters,gas booster system,air boosters,oxygen booster pump,nitrogen booster pump,LPG(butane) pump,liquid CO2 pump,refrigerant pump,N2O pump,SF6 gas booster pump,gas booster test bench etc.



  • 1. Pressure test with gas
  • 2. Gas cylinder transfer and filling      (Argon/Helium/Hydrogen/Oxygen/Nitrogen/CO2/NO2/CH4/LNG/LPG/CNG/FM200 etc.)
  • 3. Charging of gas cylinder and accumulator with nitrogen
  • 4. Transfer of oxygen cylinders
  • 5. Charging of breathing air bottles
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