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Liquid Pressure Pump

SUNCENTER liquid pressure pumps are air driven at a driven air pressure of 1bar to 8bar (14.5 psi to116 psi) by the normal air compressor. The outlet pressure is easily to set through a simple air regulator.(The outlet high pressure= driven air pressure*boost ratio)
SUNCENTER pumps are self priming. SUNCENTER liquid pumps cycle automatically, where the pressure is built up the numbers of cycles slow down, the pump stops automatically when the output pressure forces are equal. The pump restarts with a slight drop in the outlet pressure or an increase in the air drive pressure. 

The Key features include:

● Compressed Air driven - no electricity required (connect to normal air compressor)
● Pressures to 640Mpa (6400 bar)  
● Wide range of models with different ratios
● Built-in-cooling on most models 
● Main parts are made of stainless steel and high quality seals for different liquids
● Easy to install, operate and maintain
● No heat, flame or spark risk and explosion proof 
● Automatic pressure holding, whatever the cause of the pressure drop, the Suncenter   pump will automatically start, keep the loop pressure constan

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