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Hydraulic/hydro/hydrostatic pressure testing pump

Hydraulic/hydro/hydrostatic pressure testing pump

Hydraulic/hydro/hydrostatic pressure testing pump

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Suncenter has rich experience in the hose/tube/pipe/valve/sensor/cylinder/guage pressure test field, we can provide reliable performance hydraulic pressure test equipment, leakage test equipment, burst test equipment and impulse test equipment, according to the standard of (GB/T5568, GB7939, ISO6802, ISO6803, ISO8032, GB/T12722, gb16897, GB/T5563, GB/T10544 etc.)do the test to the hydraulic hose and hydraulic hose assembly, automobile brake pipe, power train pipes and other pressure parts for pressure performance test. 


Applicable range of hydraulic pressure test equipment:

Automobile steering tube, brake pipe, air-conditioning pipe, oil pipe, water pipe cooling, radiator, heater hose, hydraulic equipment, condenser, evaporator, air conditioning filter hose, turbocharging system hose, car brake pump, a cylinder body, a project hydraulic hose, air hose and manifold, rigid pipe, joints, valves,cylinder, pressure gauges, pressure sensor,pressure vessel, pressure transmitter etc.

Suncenter DLS Series Pneumatic (Air driven) hydraulic pressure test bench

SUNCENTER- Hydraulic test benches are compact and delicacy solution tailored to customer specific requirements with air driven liquid pumps as well as all accessories to be fitted and installed on the frame or in closed cabinet.

To operate this system, the pressure gauges, valves and pressure regulators have to be fitted on panels. The outlet pressure is easily to be set through a simple air regulator. The pump stops automatically when this end pressure is reached and restarts with a slight drop in the outlet pressure or an increase in the air drive pressure. SUNCENTER Hydraulic power packs are available with wide range of pressure ratios make these series of pumps ideal for powering a variety of oil/hydraulic operations. The maximum operating pressure up to 640 MPa.

As the pressure will be generated by means of a pneumatically operated pump,the electric connection will not be necessary. To operate this system, the air driven liquid pump have to be equipped with the air control unit combined filter and water separator, pressure-regulating valve, pressure control gauge as well as manual relieve valve. In this operation, the pump will be mounted to the stainless steel tank in the closed cabinet in a compact and space saving manner. Pressure gauges, valves and pressure regulators will be fitted on panel.

The desired operating pressure can be attained by adjusting the driving air pressure. When the driving air pressure and the output pressure reach the balance, the pump stops filling pressure and the output pressure stays at the preset value. This hydraulic unit can be used for all kinds of pressure testing and test tools for research and test institutes or for other functions requiring a determined pressure.  


DLS Sereis hydraulic pressure test bench-The hottest selling Model C cabinet

The standard hydraulic test bench including following parts:

Air –driven liquid booster pump

Stainless steel material cabinet (Three models for choosing)

F.R.L combination for driven air (adjusts air pressure, add lubricating oil and filter)

Driven air switch (Pump starting switch), driven air pressure gauge, water tank

Liquid inlet/outlet switch, high pressure liquid guage, unloading valve, interconnecting pipes etc.

And we could also customize it according to clients’ special requirement.

DLS Sereis hydraulic pressure test bench-Standard model

DLS Sereis hydraulic test bench with level indicator and all SS material pipelines

DLS Sereis hydraulic test bench with round chart recorder

DLS-DGG series test bench Technical specification

ModelPressure RatioDriven air pressure PL Formula to calculate outlet pressureMAX Outlet Pressure(bar)*Driven air inlet portHigh pressure Outlet portMAX Flow (L/min)**
DLS-DGGD44:13-8 bar4XPL32G 1/2NPT/ZG70.0
DLS-DGG66:13-8 bar6XPL48G 1/2NPT/ZG29.91
DLS-DGG1010:13-8 bar10XPL80G 1/2NPT/ZG18.84
DLS-DGG1616:13-8 bar16XPL128G 1/2NPT/ZG12.42
DLS-DGG2828:13-8 bar28XPL224G 1/2NPT/ZG7.11
DLS-DGG4040:13-8 bar40XPL320G 1/2NPT/ZG4.89
DLS-DGG6464:13-8 bar64XPL512G 1/2NPT/ZG3.08
DLS-DGG8080:13-8 bar80XPL640G 1/2NPT/ZG2.44
DLS-DGG100100:13-8 bar100XPL800G 1/2NPT/ZG1.92
DLS-DGG130130:13-8 bar130XPL1040G 1/2NPT/ZG1.47
DLS-DGG175175:13-8 bar175XPL1400G 1/2NPT/ZG1.14
DLS-DGG255255:13-8 bar255XPL2040G 1/2NPT/ZG0.75
DLS-DGG400400:13-8 bar400XPL3200G 1/2NPT/ZG0.48
DLS-DGG510510:13-8 bar510XPL4080G 1/2NPT/ZG0.65
DLS-DGG800800:13-8 bar800XPL6400G 1/2NPT/ZG0.42

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