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Manual Pressure Test Pump Instructions

Manual Pressure Test Pump Instructions

Manual Pressure Test Pump Instructions

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1.technical data

working pressure: 

SMP100(Max 100 bar pressure)

SMP300(Max 300 bar pressure)

SMP500(Max 500 bar pressure)

2.Brief introduction to basic structure

Manual pressure test pump is simple in structure, easy to operate and master. It is composed of water tank, rack, plunger, controller, handle and work nozzle. As shown in the figure.


The water tank is equipped with a water cylinder, which is composed of a low pressure cylinder block, a low pressure plunger and a high pressure plunger. The low pressure plunger body is also a high pressure cylinder block with a high pressure plunger inside. The low pressure plunger moves back and forth during working through a linkage plate handle. The low pressure cylinder block and the water tank cover are integrated, on which a frame and a water tank cover are mounted. The high pressure cylinder is equipped with a controller on the frame, and the side of the controller is equipped with a discharge valve needle and a handwheel, a control valve needle and a handwheel and a work nozzle respectively. A pressure gauge is installed above the controller. When the pressure test pump is working, the indicator value can be seen through the needle. The side of the frame is equipped with a handle, and the intermodal plate is used to operate the low-pressure plunger for reciprocating motion.


3.Operation of Manual Pressure Test Pump

Before  starting      to use the pressure test pump, it should first check and adjust whether there is loosening of the connecting parts everywhere. Whether the intake and outlet pipes are unblocked and the water in the water tank is clean, it is strictly forbidden to use the sewage containing fibre and sediment impurities to prevent the impact on the performance of the pump. After checking and adjusting, the pressure test vessel will be connected with the work takeover. Close the drain valve needle, open the control valve needle, and then operate the handle floating up and down, trying to avoid impact evenly, so that the plunger does reciprocating motion, the water in the tank is sucked into the low-pressure cylinder through the suction pipe, into the high-pressure cylinder and the controller, from the working nozzle into the pressure vessel under test, the pressure value can be read from the pressure gauge. Pressure test shall be carried out within 2/3 of the maximum indicated value of the pressure gauge. The maximum working pressure shall not exceed the rated discharge pressure specified by this type of pressure test pump.


When the pressure of the low pressure cylinder is greater than 0.3 Mpa, the countercurrent valve is opened to drain the excess water back into the water tank.


The control valve handwheel can be tightened when the tested pressure vessel needs to be kept at a certain pressure for a period of time. Close the control needle to isolate the tested pressure vessel from the pump, so that the pressure value of the pressure vessel can be read more accurately. If leakage is found in the process of pressure test, it is necessary to stop immediately for repair. It is strictly forbidden to continue to increase pressure in case of leakage. After the pressure test, the control valve needle should be loosened first, and then the water needle should be loosened. When loosening the handwheel, it should be slowly and evenly, so as to avoid the damage caused by sudden opening of the needle.

4.Maintenance of Manual Pressure Test Pump

When the pressure test pump is not in use for a long time, the water in the pump should be discharged to avoid rust damage of parts caused by water. The outlet is sealed to prevent dust from entering. When using the water tank, sewage and water quality should be clean without impurities such as fibre and sediment.



In the freezing temperature environment, when used, antifreeze agent or antifreeze liquid should be added to the water in the water tank. According to the local temperature conditions, it is appropriate to keep the water from freezing.




It is suggested to use denatured alcohol to prepare antifreeze as follows:

ambient temperature℃90°/Denatured alcohol%Clean water%

The main components of manual pressure test pump are:


1. Pressure gauge 2, controller 3, high pressure plunger


4. Low pressure plunger 5, rack 6, low pressure water cylinder


7. Water tank, etc.

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