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Gas Booster

SUNCENTER Air Driven Gas Boosters provide for pressures up to 80Mpa. Used for oil free compression not only of air or Nitrogen, but also flammable and risk gases like hydrogen, oxygen and natural gas. These boosters are ideal for increasing gas pressure, transferring high pressure gas, charging cylinders and scavenging.

Air driven boosters are an efficient alternative instead of electrically driven products and can be used in explosion- proof areas.As a result of the wide range of models it is possible to select the optimum booster for each application. Single stage, double acting or two stage boosters or a combination of these models can be used to achieve different operating pressures and flow capacities. 

SUNCENTER Air Driven Gas Boosters are ideal and widely used for hydrostatic and burst testing for valves, pipes, tubing and pressure vessels; Calibration for safety valves; Automobile regulator detecting and telecommunication cable inflatable appliances. 

Key features include: 

● Compressed Air driven - no electricity required (connect to normal air compressor)
● Hydrocarbon free - separation between air and gas sections 
● Pressures to 80Mpa (11,600 psi)  
● Wide range of models with different ratios
● Built-in-cooling on most models 
● Easy to install, operate and maintain
● No heat, flame or spark risk and explosion proof 
● Automatic pressure holding, whatever the cause of the pressure drop, the Suncenter   pump will automatically start, keep the loop pressure constant
● Applicable gas:Air/Ar(Argon)/He(Helium)/H2(Hydrogen)/O2(Oxygen)N2(Nitrogen)
CO2/NO2/CH4/C2H2/LNG/LPG/CNG/FM200/SF6/H2S etc

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