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High Pressure Testing Equipment

Suncenter has rich experience in the hose ,tube, pipe ,valve pressure testing field, we can provide reliable performance air(gas) and hydraulic pressure test equipment,burst test machine,hydrostatic test machine,cylinder test machine,valve test bench, leakage test equipment, pulse test equipment according to the standard of (GB/T5568, GB7939, ISO6802, ISO6803, ISO8032, GB/T12722, gb16897, GB/T5563, GB/T10544 etc.),realizing the testing for the hydraulic hose ,pipes,cylinders,valves, automobile brake pipe, power train pipes and other pressure parts for pressure performance test,max testing pressure can up to 6000 bar with manual control and computer control for options.

Applicable range of air/hydraulic pressure test equipment:

Automobile steering tube, brake pipe, air-conditioning pipe, oil pipe, water pipe cooling, radiator, heater hose, hydraulic equipment, condenser, evaporator, air conditioning filter hose, turbocharging system hose, car brake pump, a cylinder body, a project hydraulic hose, air hose and manifold, rigid pipe, joints, valves, pressure gauges, pressure vessel, pressure transmitter etc

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