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Suncenter SST-H300 model flange and welded type Valve Test Bench

Suncenter SST-H300 model flange and welded type Valve Test Bench

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1. Overview:

The production of SST-H300 Model Valve Test Bench is based on our company's years of experience of valve testing equipment and in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system. The products comply with GB/T13927-2008 "General Valve Pressure Test", GB/T26480-2011 "Testing and Inspection of Valves" and API 598 American Standard and other relevant standards. 

The test bench integrates hydraulic, mechanical, electrical, and medium storage and circulation systems. It has the advantages of fine structure, complete functions, stable performance, and highly automatic. It is widely used for testing the high, medium, and low pressure sealing and strength of through flange valves with a nominal diameter of DN80-300mm. It is the most suitable valve testing equipment for valve manufacturing, petroleum and petrochemical, natural gas, water supply and drainage engineering, and power plants, etc.

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2. SST-H300 Structure and Working Principle:

1). SST-H300 Model Valve Test Bench consists of a hydraulic system, electrical control system, high and low pressure water pump pressure supply device system, oil pressure, water pressure instrument system, control valve system, top pressure oil cylinder system, and hydraulic medium storage and circulation water tank. The testing process and results comply with relevant regulations and requirements.

2). Test bench with end face O-ring seal, the end face of the tested valve is pressed directly by the top pressure cylinder, the top pressure cylinder is directly driven by hydraulic pressure, the axial direction can move forward and backward, which is not limited by the length of the structure. A large distance between the pull rods, which is not limited by the diameter of the valve flange.High-pressure water pump by 4-7bar air pressure system for power, through the electrical control reversing valve automatic direction, so that the high-pressure water cylinder (pump) automatic reciprocating motion work, the use of water suction check valve and water check valve interchangeable constantly to the test valve pressure, to achieve the pressure required by the test valve requirements.

3). Working process: Adjust the oil cylinder pressing pressure according to the nominal diameter and pressure of the valve (refer to the pressure comparison table) --- press the workpiece --- open the low water pump for quick water injection --- open the high pressure pump (pressure can be set) --- maintaining pressure and timing --- manually unload the pressure and reset.

4). Equipped with a pair of flat sealing heads within the test pressure range, other sealing heads need to be prepared by the user.

5). The user needs to prepare 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil, cable and 8 bar air supply.


3. Main Parameters:

1. Test valve types: Through flanged or welded ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, check valves.

2. Clamping method: Horizontal top pressing cylinder.

3. Valve and blind plate sealing method: O-ring seal

4. Test pressure medium: Water or 4-7 bar low pressure gas (air or nitrogen).

5. Test items: 1.5 times the nominal pressure shell test, 1.1 times the nominal pressure high-pressure liquid seal test, 4-7 bar low-pressure gas-tight test.

6. Test range: DN80-300, refer to the pressure test range table

7. Sealing disc spacing: 150-850mm;  

8. Internal spacing of pull rod: 650mm;

9. Top pressure oil cylinder: Ø220mm×1

10. Maximum clamping force: 110 tons


4. SST-H300 Valve Testing Pressure Range: Meet DN80-300, welded gate valves, ball valves.

Nominal PressureTest Pressure Range


2.5-25.0 MPa

2.5-37.5 MPa


2.5-25.0 MPa

2.5-37.5 MPa

DN1502.5-20.0 MPa


DN2002.5-10.0 MPa

2.5-15.0 MPa

DN2502.5-6.4 MPa

2.5-9.6 MPa

DN3002.5-6.4 MPa

2.5-9.6 MPa

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