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Hydraulic Pressure Cyclic Test Machine

Hydraulic Pressure Cyclic Test Machine

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Hydraulic pressure cyclic test machine


Suncenter has rich experience in the hose/tube/pipe/valve/sensor/cylinder/guage pressure test field, we can provide reliable performance hydraulic pressure test equipment, 

leakage test equipment, burst test equipment and impulse test equipment, according to the standard of (GB/T5568, GB7939, ISO6802, ISO6803, ISO8032, GB/T12722, 

gb16897, GB/T5563, GB/T10544 etc.)do the test to the hydraulic hose and hydraulic hose assembly, automobile brake pipe, power train pipes and other pressure parts for 

pressure performance test.

1, Product application scope and functional characteristics:

Applicable range of hydraulic pressure test equipment:

Automobile steering tube, brake pipe, air-conditioning pipe, oil pipe, water pipe cooling, radiator, heater hose, hydraulic equipment, condenser, evaporator, air conditioning filter hose, 

turbocharging system hose, car brake pump, a cylinder body, a project hydraulic hose, air hose and manifold, rigid pipe, joints, valves,cylinder, pressure gauges, pressure sensor,

pressure vessel, pressure transmitter etc.

Function and characteristics of hydraulic pressure test equipment:

The main components is the mature products produced by our company

The piping system with non welded connection.The test fluid system and driving fluid system are separated; it is more convenient for test temperature control and test media diversification

The software adopts force control configuration software or written in LABVIEW (computer control)

A variety of ancillary tooling, meet different specimens of installation

In the testing process, the pressure can be automatically compensated; time after the bursting pressure decreased rapidly, pressure automatic stop system;The protection of tooling, special 

design, can effectively protect the damage of blasting operation personnel and equipment.

The realization computer control function, can be free to set up a water filled exhaust time, holding pressure time, aeration cleaning time, test pressure in the process of the experiment can 

be set arbitrarily


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