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Fire Cylinders Filling & Test Machines

Fire Cylinders Filling & Test Machines

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Fire Cylinders Filling & Test Machines

1.Fire Suppression Gas Automatic Filling Machine

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Fire bottle vacuuming + New gas filling + N2 filling + Weighing

Applicable filling medium: FM-200, NOVEC, CO2

Automatic filling & full stop

Filling weight can be preset on the equipped electronic scale

Equipped with nitrogen pressure reducing valve and precision pressure gauge to accurately monitor nitrogen filling pressure

Filling pump power source: 3-8 bar compressed air

Vacuuming pump power supply: 110/220V, 50/60Hz

Gas filling speed: 8-10kg/minute

Weighing range: 0-500kg ( 0-1000kg optional )

2.FM-200/NOVCE 1230 Recovery Machine


Used to recover FM-200, NOVEC 1230 

Manually operated

Equipped with control kit, easy to use

With self-priming ability and boosting function

Output pressure up to 40bar and outlet pressure adjustable

3.Fire Cylinder Cleaning+ Drying +Flip Machine


The machine is specially designed for internal cleaning and rust removal of fire cylinders. It integrates four functions of flipping fire cylinder, flushing fire cylinder with high-pressure water, pouring water, and drying fire cylinder with high-pressure steam. 

Flip angle180°
Steam generator power9KW
Flushing pump power0.75KW
Steam temperature> 100°C
Power supply380V/50HZ
Applicable cylindersφ279-φ450mm / Height 400-1850mm

4.Cylinder valves loading unloading machine

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The machine is designed to load and unload cylinder valve

Applicable fire cylinders: φ279-φ450mm

Preset a torque value in Digital display, the machine will stop automatically after reaching the preset torque

Motor power: 3.0KW

Spindle speed: 8R/min

Maximum torque: 2000NM ( torque adjustable )

5.Gas tightness Test (Leak test )Machine for Fire cylinder


This machine is used compressed nitrogen as medium to carry out gas tightness test to judge fire cylinder leak or not by bubbling method. 

The machine is composed of control console and liftable water tank. 

Test medium: nitrogen 

Power source: compressed nitrogen cylinder

Test pressure range: 0- 150 bar

Water tank lifting range: 0-125mm ( Lifter controlled by Pneumatic cylinder) 

Work efficiency: 60-80 pcs / hour

Applicable fire cylinders: Height 400-1850mm, Diameter φ219-φ450mm

6.Portable Manual Hydrostatic Pressure Test Station


Adopt direct hydraulic expansion method to test fire cylinder's pressure-proof performance and blasting pressure value

Test pressure range: 64-512 bar ( higher pressure customizable )

Equipped with a hydraulic pump and an electric water injection pump

Manual operation mode, low cost and portable

Equipped with memory pressure gauge for recording burst pressure value

Automatic pressure holding: when the preset pressure is reached, it will stop and hold the pressure automatically

7.Automatic Cylinder Hydrostatic Test Machine with Water Jacket

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Adopts water-jacket external measurement method to carry out hydrostatic test for fire cylinders and measure fire cylinder's deformation rate, so as to judge the fire cylinder qualified or not.

Adopts water-jacket external measurement method, which is more accurate 

Automatic controlled by computer, high efficiency & high test precision

Built-in LabView test program can draw pressure curve and issue test report

Test medium: water

Test pressure range: 64-512 bar ( higher pressure optional )

Pressure measurement accuracy: 10Psig

Test efficiency: 10~15 cylinders / hour

Applicable cylinders: 300~1700mm ( height )

8. Cylinder Valves Leak Test Machine


Utilize high-pressure air or nitrogen to test cylinder valve leak or not

Pressure range: 0 - 800 bar

Detection method: bubbling method

Test station: 2-4 stations optional

Operation mode: manual operated + manual timing

Test process: pressurize gas – hold the pressure – unload pressure

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