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Computer Controlled Hydro Test Bench

Computer Controlled Hydro Test Bench

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Computer Controlled Hydro Test Bench


This test bench can perform Hydrostatic test, Burst test,Leak test,Proof pressure test on the following items: Automobile steering tube, brake pipe, air-conditioning pipe, oil pipe, water pipe cooling, radiator, heater hose, hydraulic equipment, condenser, evaporator, air conditioning filter hose, turbocharging system hose, car brake pump, cylinder body, project hydraulic hose, air hose and manifold, rigid pipe, joints, valves, cylinder, pressure gauges, pressure sensor, pressure vessel, pressure transmitter, etc.

Working Principle

The test bench uses compressed air as power source, converts the 3-8 bar compressed air into higher hydraulic pressure through pneumatic liquid booster pump, and then uses the hydraulic pressure as the test medium to carry out hydro-static testing & burst testing on various items.


  • Testing medium: Water or Oil 

  • The test bench is designed for hydro-static testing & burst testing for various items 

  • Wide outlet pressure range 32 - 4080 bar for your choice

  • Outlet pressure can be fine regulated

  • Equipped with protective test chamber to ensure staff safety

  • Computer control, just need preset parameter value, the computer will execute testing procedure automatically and record /analyze testing data in real time

  • Testing data can be exported or printed

  • Automatic pressure maintenance during testing process, when the pressure drops, the system will automatically replenish pressure

 Main Components

Air-driven liquid booster pumpGas dynamic duosPressure controller
Electromagnetic valvePressure gaugeWater injection pump
Water tankPipelinesCabinet
ComputerLabView software & sensorNi data acquisition system

Models & Parameters

ModelPressure Ratio RateMax Outlet PressureDriven-air Inlet PortHigh pressure Outlet PortMax Flow (Ln/min)
SHT-GD4-CC4:132 BarG 1/2NPT/ZG70
SHT-GD6-CC6:148 BarG 1/2NPT/ZG48.6
SHT -GD10-CC10:180 BarG 1/2NPT/ZG30.61
SHT -GD16-CC16:1128 BarG 1/2NPT/ZG19.73
SHT-GD28-CC28:1224 BarG 1/2NPT/ZG11.3
SHT-GD40-CC40:1320 BarG 1/2NPT/ZG7.69
SHT-GD64-CC64:1512 BarG 1/2NPT/ZG4.94
SHT-GD80-CC80:1640 BarG 1/2NPT/ZG3.96
SHT-GD100-CC100:1800 BarG 1/2NPT/ZG3.13
SHT-GD130-CC130:11040 BarG 1/2NPT/ZG2.4
SHT-GD130-CC175:11400 BarG 1/2NPT/ZG1.81
SHT-GD255-CC255:12040 BarG 1/2NPT/ZG1.23
SHT-GD400-CC400:13200 BarG 1/2NPT/ZG0.79
SHT-GD510-CC510:14080 BarG 1/2NPT/ZG0.65


(1).The flow rate above is the flow rate output by built-in hydraulic booster pump.

(2).There is an electric water injection pump built in the test bench ( flow rate 30L-100L/Min). 

(3).To speed up the testing progress, firstly you could activate the electric pump to fill normal flowing water into testing item, then activate the hydraulic booster pump to generate high pressure liquid and inject it into the test item.

Working Principle


Software Operation Interface


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