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Air Booster Purchase Strategy

Air Booster Purchase Strategy


When purchasing an air booster, we always hope that the offer will be more and the price will be lower. After all, the competition is very fierce now, and the profit is almost transparent. How to buy the most cost-effective price at the best price? What about the booster pump? Today, Suncenter will give you a "magnification move", and present this "one year long, when to buy DGV02 air booster cost-effective?" Raiders!


In fact, the booster pump supplier will also offer promotions in many time periods for sales.

May is a peak period

Why is it in May? There are several big festivals in May, and the air booster supplier will carry out brand promotion and promotion with gratitude, reward and other gimmicks in such big festivals to attract users' attention. Holiday marketing has been tried and tested, and suppliers will use a small profits but quick turnover to achieve a sales peak.

In addition, because June, July and August are the traditional off-season, it is not uncommon for the air booster supplier to agree on the amount of impulses in May.

October booster pump discount climax

This is the “Golden September and Silver 10” that we often hear. This is not specifically referring to the real estate industry or the automotive industry! Because of the arrival of the National Day Golden Week, the hard demand is greater. How to grab more customers to increase sales during this time period is a concern for every air booster supplier, and price war is the best means. It is also a good time to shoot at this time. Many air booster suppliers will offer "hematemesis" prices in order to complete the company's annual tasks.

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At the end of the year is another peak

Generally, the end of the year will be another peak in purchasing pumps. Because many users will purchase a new air booster to prepare for the next year's production, and manufacturers and dealers also hope to seize this last opportunity to rush a sales. However, if the year-round booster is hot, the supplier can complete the annual sales task ahead of schedule, and the air-supply supplier's large-scale promotion may become smaller at the end of the year.

At the end of the year, many air booster suppliers will slog the slogans of “甩 inventory”, “clear inventory” and “complete tasks”. The reason is very simple. Selling more air boosters not only improves the performance of the company, but also greatly reduces the inventory, thus ensuring that the capital chain is more perfect, so the suppliers will carry out "big discounts."

Air booster replacement "clearance sale"

There are still some time periods that may be discounted, that is, the air booster is being upgraded. At this time, in order to meet more demand, the new air booster will be launched soon. In order to give way to the “new pump”, the supplier will “clear and sell” the “old pump”. The price at this time is also very low. Of course, the premise of buying an air booster is generally because it can meet the air boosting needs of current users. How to grab this opportunity? It can be bought after some large air booster equipment exhibitions. For example, some large-scale domestic and international exhibitions have new type of booster pumps released or listed, after which the booster pump market will usher in a wave of “clearance”. And the new pump is listed, the price is often higher.

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