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Application Of Pneumatic High Pressure Air Booster Pump In Textile Industry And Suncenter Solution

Application Of Pneumatic High Pressure Air Booster Pump In Textile Industry And Suncenter Solution


Today, the editor of Suncenter will introduce to you the important application of pneumatic high-pressure air booster pump in the textile industry. First, let's introduce the basic situation of the textile industry.


After several years of cold winter conditions, the textile industry began to pick up. Domestic and external demand grew at the same time, and there was even a momentum for expansion. As the second largest power source after electricity, compressed air has been used in all aspects in the textile industry. More and more textile processes have been completed by pneumatic technology. It is currently widely used in fiber material transportation, rubber roller pressure, Mobile station, jet flow processing, jet flow automatic control technology, cleaning parts, etc. Suncenter DGM and DGV series of pneumatic booster pumps have developed pneumatic high-pressure air booster pumps specifically for air pressure boosting and stabilization, which are currently relatively competitive solutions in the domestic industry.

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Next, what are the applications of compressed air in the textile industry?

1. Air-jet looms are the most air-consuming equipment in the textile industry. At the same time, compressed air is also required for air-coated yarn machines and texturing machines; compressed air is also required for chip drying and transportation in the chemical fiber industry.

2. The main body of the air jet loom is compressed air as the carrier, which has strict requirements on the quality and pressure of the compressed air. Its working principle is to use air as a medium to draw the weft yarn by the compressed air jet to generate frictional traction, take the weft yarn through the shed, and achieve the purpose of weft insertion through the jet generated by the air jet.

3. In order to ensure the normal operation of air-jet looms, the quality of compressed air directly affects product quality.


So what role does Suncenter pneumatic high-pressure air booster pump play in the textile industry? Then first understand the principle of the pneumatic air booster pump.


The air booster pump is one of the pneumatic booster pumps. It is specially developed for air pressure boosting and stabilization. This equipment is based on the high-pressure gas generated by the area difference between the two pistons through a reversing The valve realizes the reciprocating work of the gas booster pump, and it only needs to use the compressed air in the working system as the starting gas source.


Suncenter special pneumatic high-pressure air booster pump for textile industry: workshop air booster solution



There are many types of air-driven air booster pumps of Suncenter. Air-driven air booster pumps of different boost ratios, materials, flows, prices, and qualities are available, which also provide customers with greater and more freedom Many customers have chosen the pneumatic equipment they prefer. General customers mostly choose equipment based on booster ratio and flow rate. For example, DGM02 maximum flow rate is 580mL/min, DGM03 maximum flow rate is 420mL/min, DGV02 maximum flow rate is 1200mL/min, DGV05 maximum flow rate is 360mL/min, DGV08 maximum flow rate It is 220mL/min. Of course, there are many other models, which will not be explained in detail here. For details, please consult the manufacturer of Suncenter.


The emergence of pneumatic high-pressure air booster pumps has greatly solved various application problems in the textile industry. Suncenter pneumatic air booster pump is currently a more competitive solution in the domestic industry and a high-quality choice for customers.



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