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Corrosion resistance of the submerged pump installation considerations

by:Suncenter     2020-08-16
Corrosion resistant submerged pump installation? Corrosion resistance of submerged pump installation time to pay attention to? These don't know whether you have know, compiled some below small make up, hope to help you! Corrosion resistant submerged pump is usually installed in the pump well ( Pit) Installed, installation method is divided into fixed and mobile in two forms. Mobile installation is simple, commonly used for small sewage pump installation, outlet pipe, the hose is normally used. Fixed installation is relatively complex, this kind of installation method is typically used for larger submersible pump with automatic coupling device. The installation order is: pouring concrete foundation, of the guide rod and pump installation, the installation of the pump body, the installation of outlet pipe and accessories. Corrosion resistance of the submerged pump two installation 1, portable corrosion resistant submerged pump installation system. High efficiency non-clog sewage pump it to support bearing, can work, the water hose on this way is mainly used in emergency or maintenance construction needs. Unit 2, automatic coupling device sewage pump system usually adopts label c15 or c20 concrete pouring, construction by a casting method. In order to ensure the foundation under high load, usually at the grass-roots level to make small under big trustum of a pyramid shape, or with the collecting well ( Pit) Floor poured into an organic whole, top surface should be at the grassroots level and embedded anchor bolts. Guide rod and the installation of the sewage pump seat: lift pump body, slow down to unit, based on the pump seat bolts Kong Zheng to based on embedded anchor bolts, pump seat with level after leveling, tighten the anchor bolts. Corrosion resistant submerged gas booster pump is the bottom of the guide rod and pump adopts screw, bolt or plug-in and connection, the top connected to brace, brace and guide bar is usually made of carbon steel pipe, stainless steel or galvanized steel pipe. Corrosion resistant submerged pump installation note 1, corrosion resistant submerged pump adopts automatic liquid level control device for automatic control. The kinds of liquid level automatic control device in addition to the ball float liquid level switch, such as sewage contains no or only a small amount of suspended impurities, also can choose investment type pressure sensor and secondary instrument. Installed in the sewage pool ( Collecting well) In the liquid level automatic control device should as far as possible away from the water inlet. 2, according to the current regulations on the specification, in addition to the mobile install hose connection parts adopt fabric reinforced rubber hose, corrosion resistant submerged pump outlet pipe pipe can use hard water supply plastic pipe, centrifugal cast ductile iron pipe, steel pipe, alloy pipe, etc. Pipes and pipe fittings of confined ability should not be less than zero. 6MPa。 3, used for building fire elevator sump pit corrosion submerged pump installation, should use two hard tube connection stationary or two fixed autoformer type, and sump effective volume is not less than 2. 0 m3, corrosion resistant submerged gas booster pump rated flow is not less than 36 m3 / h.
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