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Corrosion resistant submerged pump usual maintenance basic common sense

by:Suncenter     2020-08-17
Corrosion resistant submerged pump maintenance basic common sense all at ordinary times against their maintenance is very good, and the nearby family would often be polite, to take good care of yourself, the other more the human body is the cost of reform. Actually I commonly used objects and machinery and equipment are the same, also must obtain everybody's care and maintenance. As corrosion resistant submerged gas booster pump, if do not often maintenance, can appear abnormal, will harm performance. Corrosion resistance of the submerged pump maintenance at ordinary times, with or without common failures must be carefully pump have abnormal situation. First take a look at all the dashboard abetting the working pressure, total flow, temperature, current, working voltage is normal, the components of the pump with and without deformation, discoloration, change, and the presence of leakage, if there is any jam, etc. ; Then say smell any bad smell, liquid hydrocarbon, such as motor gasoline, benzene leakage of the smelling, weapons and equipment baked paint, insulation material for rubber paste paste, taste, etc. ; And hear the sound, flip part have abnormal noise; Have finally touched down over temperature, vibration, etc. Only as a full range of inspection, can do a good job in the daily affairs, find abnormal situation, the early prevention. To corrosion liquid pump can long-term normal operation of all, to improve life, but also do well daily inspection and maintenance work, and to perform inspection regularly. If mechanical equipment have abnormal conditions don't check out, will harm work, produce unnecessary inconvenience, so normal inspection should not be ignored. Corrosion submerged pump mechanical failure analysis and solution: search common faults from the following three points at the time of maintenance, and system of improving the inspection movable arm in to the leakage of hydraulic cylinder. Effective method is to put the movable arm rising, see if it has a significantly lower at will. If landing significant dismantling the hydraulic cylinder, sealing figure such as damaged should be moved around. Nurtures the control valve. First 淸 wash valve, check valve core is no Nun loss, such as Nun loss should be moved around. If slightly lower working pressure, to carry out the adjustment, still under pressure adjustable, suggests that hydraulic oil gas booster pump is seriously damaged. In general, lead to derrick load can not improve the key reason: the mechanical structure design not scientific. Hydraulic oil pump often work under full capacity or long-term overload condition, and the system software has a hydraulic impact, long-term not changing oil, gear oil by environmental pollution, increase corrosion damage of submerged pump, and hydraulic oil pump gas booster pump body burst.
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