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Evaporator Pressure Test Bench

Evaporator Pressure Test Bench


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Product introduction

Equipment name: Evaporator pressure test bench

Product model: SST

Scope of application: used to test the compressive strength and burst pressure of specimens such as evaporators and heaters

Product function: blasting test

Alias: Condenser evaporator explosion test machine/evaporator explosion test device/evaporator pressure explosion test system

Technical parameters

1. Test medium: water, oil, emulsion

2. Test pressure: 0-15Mpa

3. Pressure accuracy display: 0.01mpa

4. Driving air pressure: 0.2-0.8MPa, flow rate: 0.3-1 cubic meters per minute.

5. Test temperature: normal temperature, high temperature can be customized

6. Timing range: 0-100H

7. Time accuracy: 1S

8. Pressure curve display: computer control, real-time display by data acquisition software

9. Test report: The test bench has the function of automatically printing the report of blasting test

10. Data saving method: equipment automatic data excel form, save experiment results and process


Features of test bench

1. Automatically control the boost speed.

2. Using hydraulic control method and using Suncenter pressure test pump to improve stability and reliability

3. The function of automatically saving test data after power failure

4. Water tanks of different sizes can be customized, made of stainless steel, not easy to rust.

5. Computer control, real-time display of pressure-time curve, and data processing and analysis.

6. Simple and convenient maintenance. Open the front door of the test bench to directly repair all parts.



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