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Focus On Quality And Promote Products With Heart: Suncenter PLC Control Hydraulic Pressure Blasting Test Bench

Focus On Quality And Promote Products With Heart: Suncenter PLC Control Hydraulic Pressure Blasting Test Bench


Quality is an important symbol of the survival of an enterprise and one of the core strategies for an enterprise to highlight its benefits. Quality-oriented is the way to survive, and quality control is the only way to promote good products. This is the policy that Dongguan Suncenter Fluid Control Equipment Co., Ltd. has been following since its establishment.

Recently, Dongguan Scuncenter launched the latest product PLC control water pressure withstand blasting test bench. Every step from material procurement, process assembly, quality testing, product function testing, etc., has a dedicated person to check and ensure that customers get it. Each of the hydraulic pressure blasting test benches are high-quality products.

Working principle: PLC controlled hydraulic pressure blasting test bench is a new type of pressure test device developed by our company according to the pneumatic booster device combined with the actual situation of our country. The test bench is used for

Suncenter PLC Control Hydraulic Pressure Blasting Test Bench-1.jpg

Purpose: The digital display blasting tester can be used for blasting pressure test of various components, such as blasting test and pressure test for valves, pipes, boilers and other pressure vessels.


System composition: It is composed of gas-liquid booster pump, control valve tube meter, etc.

Scope of application: automobile steering pipe, brake pipe, air conditioning pipe, fuel pipe, cooling water pipe, radiator, heater hose, hydraulic equipment, condenser, evaporator, air conditioning filter hose, turbocharger system hose, automobile Brake pumps, cylinder blocks, engineering hydraulic hoses, aviation hoses and manifolds, hard pipes, joints, valves, pressure gauges, pressure vessels, pressure transmitters, etc.

 Suncenter PLC Control Hydraulic Pressure Blasting Test Bench-2.jpg

Dongguan Suncenter strictly controls the quality of new product development and keeps improving the products, so it has won unanimous praise from customers in the industry. Dongguan Suncenter will continue to strengthen product quality and service capabilities, and provide customers with the most satisfactory products and services!



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