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Pneumatic automatic riveting machine

Pneumatic automatic riveting machine

Pneumatic automatic riveting machine

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Quantity Needed:

Model: SSTPR04 / SSTPR08

Product description:

Rivetless riveting machine are joint two layers of several layers of metal board by punch or by roll press to made it formation into need, and becoming the work piece has the certain anti-pull strength and anti-share strength.

Standard Technical parameter:

Impact pressure 4.0T/8.0T

the power source:Hydro pneumatic

Voltage: 50Hz 220V

Total travel: 100mm

Throat depth: 500mm

Compressed air source need:3bar-8 bar

Weight: about 700KG
max thick of board 2+2mm

Application scope: 

The rivetless riveting machine suitable for joint the steel plate, stainless plate, zinc and aluminum etc.

This kind of machine riveting joint function is strong, process stability has no rock, the surface are beautiful after process. It has plenty of adjustment function, the riveting pressure, riveting speed and feeding speed are all can be adjusted, to guarantee the best result effectively


Main features of our rivet-less riveting machine:

1.Joint point are firm and credibility

2.Rivetless, low cost.

3.Match the pre-pressure device,overcoming distort badly.

4.Riveting time、pressure 、speed  are all can be adjusted.

5.National patent technology, number shows can accuracy to 0.1 second

6.Press gently, the molding tool loss is small

7.Can transform into round or square

8.The riveting area has no stress

9.Can not break the plating or painting in surface

10.To the metals material request not high, the copper , aluminums, steel, zinc are all unlimited

11.Riveting process has no vibration、low noise、low consumption

12.Unnecessary to processing in before or after riveting joint, allow to have the mezzanine and multi-layer conjunction

13.Advanced counter and time shows window

14.The electricity control system's operating are convenience and safety

15.Can riveting different shapes after replaced the different die

16.Work environment good, there is no poisonous smoke of dust exhaust, have no noise

17.The operation simple and consume low

18.Can design for bench type, vertical or traveling


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How to select the suitable rivetless riveting machine for you?

In order to provide the best suitable model for you,so please kindly tell us below information of your products:

1.what is thickness of your metal sheet? ( )mm

2.what is material of your metal sheet? 

3. riveting position of your products,need drawing of your products.

We can also customized the riveting machine as your special sheet metals.

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