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Pressure Blasting Test Device For Accumulator

Pressure Blasting Test Device For Accumulator


One: Scope of application

The pressure blasting test device for accumulator produced by Dongguan Suncenter manufacturer is used for accumulator blasting pressure test. It can display the pressure curve in real time, automatically control, and output the test report after the experiment.


Two: Basic parameters of pressure blasting test device for accumulator


1. Test medium: clean water

2. Test pressure: 0-30Mpa

3. Pressure display accuracy: 0.1bar

4. Control method: computer control

5. Test record: computer record real-time display of pressure curve, print test report

6. Test medium temperature: room temperature


Three: Equipment composition

The core pressurizing equipment uses a Suncenter pressurizing pump, which can easily achieve any adjustable and controllable output pressure.

Advanced technology and reasonable structure design. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, high-end and generous appearance.

All pressure-bearing parts adopt standard parts of well-known international brands, without any welding connection, easy to disassemble, high safety factor, long life and easy maintenance.

Pressure test range: According to the actual needs of customers, select the corresponding pressure, the pressure is steplessly adjustable, and any pressure value can be set in the corresponding pressure section.


Four: Suncenter manufacturer introduction

The company's main products now include: hydraulic testing machines, liquid booster pumps, gas booster systems, fatigue testing machines, etc. It can provide various test instruments and technical services for machinery manufacturing, Taiwan gold mines, automobiles and ships, petrochemicals, office furniture, scientific research and universities, energy, transportation, aerospace and other industries.


website: www.suncenter-cn.com

Contact: Manager Yi


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