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Suncenter Dgv02-2 Parallel Air Booster Equipment Has Arrived

Suncenter Dgv02-2 Parallel Air Booster Equipment Has Arrived


Times are advancing, technology is developing, air booster equipment technology has gone from a mature stage to a modern period, and the  air operated hydraulic pump comprehensive technical level has jumped to a new level, so that people have seen a brand new air booster equipment industry. With the rapid development of technological progress, the DGV02-2 parallel air booster equipment in Dongguan Suncenter, has come into being, it is incomparable in work efficiency, production quality, environmental protection, operation performance and automation degree in many aspects, and is moving forward in the direction of further intelligence.

With the continuous development of science and technology research level, the working theory of air booster equipment is constantly innovating. Its working principle is to use compressed air as power to pressurize air, oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium, etc., the pressurization ratio has two kinds: 2:1 and 5:1 (it can pressurize the pressurized medium twice or five times). The device is an independent pressurization unit, which is connected in series in the pressurized pipeline, it is characterized by fast pressurization speed, long service life, stable pressure, large flow, simple operation, convenient maintenance and safe use.



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For nitrogen, oxygen, argon, helium, carbon dioxide, etc., the machine will use different superchargers and special pipelines and components, such as the selection of a supercharger driven chamber and a pressurized chamber between 

the isolation chamber, can prevent the pressurized gas and compressed air mixing, avoid the pressurized gas pollution. Single air control non-equilibrium gas distribution valve is used to realize the reciprocating movement of the pump, multiple pumps are combined in parallel to increase the pressurization flow rate and increase the stability and reliability of the whole booster system, a certain or more pumps can be started or stopped at any time. This working principle innovation can meet the different needs of more customers.

The DGV02-2 parallel air booster equipment of Suncenter also embodies the simplified operation based on people, it focuses on the coordination between the air booster equipment and the manual equipment to improve the man-machine safety and operation comfort, which is convenient for the operation and technical maintenance of employees. Compared with the high pressure air compressor system and the high pressure compressor, this parallel air booster equipment has low noise and low input cost, when the set pressure is reached, no additional energy is consumed, so its energy consumption is small, which not only saves energy, but also improves the production efficiency.

Therefore, this product is very suitable for adjusting the air source pressure of the cutting machine, it can increase the air source pressure of the cutting machine and stabilize it at the pressure of normal use, it can be installed at the air source inlet of the cutting machine. The machine can also be used in three coordinate measuring machine, laser marking machine, CNC machining center, argon arc welding machine, carbon dioxide protection welding machine, brewery packaging equipment, brewery air control valve, brewery malt oxygenation equipment, air tightness testing machine and other high-precision pneumatic equipment need pressurization occasions.

A developing society, a progressive Suncenter, do you like this DGV02-2 parallel air booster equipment?

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