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Ultra high pressure hydraulic tube forming equipment

Ultra high pressure hydraulic tube forming equipment


The ultra high pressure hydraulic pressurization equipment of Suncenter uses compressed air as the power source natural gas booster pump, and can pressurize the hydraulic oil, emulsion, water and other media to a maximum of 6000 bar without electricity. Used in various pressure-resistant, bursting test applications, also suitable for high pressure tube expansion process, all kinds of metal pipe bending,Joint one-time hydraulic molding, Cooperate with the mold and clamping of hydraulic press. It uses Suncenter ultra high pressure hydraulic booster equipment to output hydraulic pressure to form metal elbows at one time. Convenient and fast, avoiding the noise, large volume and bulkiness caused by the use of hydraulic pump station. The commonly used model is DLS-DGGD255 hydraulic booster.


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