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What Is The Biggest Advantage Of The Suncenter Air Booster System

What Is The Biggest Advantage Of The Suncenter Air Booster System


It should be said that the laser cutting machine may know what everyone is, but the air booster system used in the laser cutting machine industry may be unclear. What is the air booster system and what is it used for?

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Laser cutting machine is widely used in sheet metal cutting, acrylic sheet advertising production and other industries, but the laser cutting machine needs high pressure gas to assist the use of the product, so the product is flat and beautiful, especially stainless steel, steel plate, iron plate and other metal sheet cutting, The pressure required is higher.


However, the pressure of the traditional air compressor 8bar can not meet the normal use of the cutting machine. Dongguan Suncenter 2x-5 times gas booster system specially developed the air booster system for the laser cutting machine industry, without changing the original gas pipeline. The problem of insufficient pressure can be solved without adding equipment. The commonly used models are DGS-DGV02-40L and DGS-DGV05-40L.


It is worth noting that this air boosting system has the characteristics of small structure, light weight, low noise, convenient installation, etc. The medium to be transported is mainly air (no particulate matter is allowed in the gas to be transported, and the dust content cannot be too large. ).


Due to its high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and low carbon, Dongguan Suncenter Fluid Control Equipment Co., Ltd. has become the new favorite of pneumatic fluid booster regulator industry. Please pay attention to the official website of Suncenter.

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