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What Is The Flow Of Each Model Of Air Booster Pump

What Is The Flow Of Each Model Of Air Booster Pump


Air booster pump is a kind of equipment that industrial enterprises must have, and customers use many types of pneumatic air booster pumps. For customers, it is reasonable to use different flows in different environments. Different types of air booster pumps will have different effects when used on the same equipment. So, what is the flow rate of each model of the Suncenter air drive air booster pump?


1.The maximum flow rate of the double air booster pump DGM02 is 580mL / min

2.The triple air booster pump DGM03 maximum flow rate is 420mL / min

3.The maximum flow rate of the large flow double air booster pump DGV02 is 1200mL / min

4.The maximum flow rate of the five-times air booster pump DGV05 is 360mL / min

5.The maximum flow rate of eight times the air booster pump DGV08 is 220mL / min


It can be seen that in the classification of the same type of model, the larger the boost pressure, the smaller the flow; on the contrary, the smaller the boost pressure, the larger the flow

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