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Which High-flow Air Booster Pumps Do You Like Best

Which High-flow Air Booster Pumps Do You Like Best


There are many brands and types of air-driven air booster pumps on the Chinese market, with different boost ratios, different materials, different flows, different prices, and different quality air-driven air booster pumps (also known as air booster pump, air boosters, Air booster valves, etc.) are available, and provide customers with a wide range of choice, many customers have purchased the air booster pump with suitable specification for their company from the market.


What is a high-flow air booster pump?

The air booster pump is driven by low-pressure gas at the piston end of a large area to generate high-pressure fluid at the piston end of a small area. It can be used for compressed air and other gases. The output air pressure can be adjusted steplessly by driving air pressure. Used in the working environment where the original air pressure system needs to increase pressure. To be more specific, it is to increase the air pressure and low pressure in different occasions to a value that meets the requirements of the use pressure, so as to meet the use of equipment, such as: gas purge, gas combustion, gas shop injection molding, cylinder movement, etc.

What about the air booster pump? Take the models of some Suncenter air booster pumps as an example:


1. The maximum flow of double air booster pump dgm02 is 580ml / min


2. The maximum flow of triplex air booster pump dgm03 is 420ml / min


3. The maximum flow of large flow double air booster pump dgv02 is 1200ml / min


4. The maximum flow of quintuple air booster pump dgv05 is 360ml / min


5. The maximum flow of octax air booster pump dgv08 is 220ml / min

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It is not difficult to see the general situation is that when the proportion of air booster pump is high, the flow will be low. The specific selection of small air booster pump or large flow air booster pump depends on the site operating conditions. If you don't understand, you can ask the Suncenter sales engineer to explain the usage and site conditions. The Suncenter professionals will recommend the corresponding products according to the information you feedback.




Dongguan Suncenter pneumatic air booster pump adopts international advanced technology, with good overall rigidity, convenient installation and beautiful overall appearance. Our company has been engaged in gas liquid fluid control equipment industry for decades, and has accumulated sufficient experience in the production of large flow air booster pump. At present, thousands of domestic enterprises have used our company's large flow air booster pump products.




According to different pressurization ratio, flow rate and different price of air booster pump in customer's mould production, appropriate air booster pump can be selected.

Dongguan Suncenter large flow air booster pump has a very good feedback from consumers. Its sales quantity is also constantly rising, and opportunities can not be missed.If you need it, come and purchase from us.



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