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A Case Study of Energy Efficient Business Practices and a Green Datacenter

by:Suncenter     2020-09-13
Interview: green initiative and energy saving for modern Atlanta data center author: Jeff sinker of Global Network Access (GNAX)
The Green Initiative is not only the focus of data centers across the country, but also the focus, and energy efficiency is the core element of most energy-saving strategies.
Growing demand for power in modern data centers
As energy costs continue to rise, finding ways to reduce operating costs becomes a clear priority.
The environmental aspect of improving energy efficiency was initially welcome, but after the priority of reducing data center overhead, this is a secondary benefit.
More and more research on the impact of carbon
Fuel based on the environment and climate gives consumers a great understanding and focus on the limited resources of our planet and reducing the carbon footprint.
The green benefits of energy savings are no longer a secondary consideration for servers and hosted data centers.
Enterprises now realize the importance of aligning themselves with the consumer market through the image of environmental responsibility.
In addition, data center managers and owners themselves become consumers of concern and bring their own motivations to the workplace to improve data center energy efficiency and green practices.
Our Atlanta Data Center Global Network Access, 1994 (GNAX)
Since the start of the 65,000-square-foot facility, energy recovery and other green practices have been integrated.
Environmental Protection Bureau (EPA)
Energy Star has teamed up to develop high standards of energy efficiency for modern data centers and the server technologies they use.
Starting in January 2009, Energy Star began the data collection process of developing Energy Star ratings for data centers.
GNAX has implemented many green initiatives and is doing more work, and we believe in our main Atlanta hosting center and our satellite Dallas Data Center, will pass their rating criteria with the color of the flight.
Please continue to read the details of the creative energy recovery system implemented by GNAX and our further green initiatives for the coming year.
The current energy efficiency strategy has brought great results, with 2000 of the server data centers taking advantage of 8 megawatts of power and 2 tons of cooling, and GNAX putting energy efficiency at the top of priorities.
Our team is committed to maximizing energy while maintaining peak server performance.
Creative heat recovery application when the Atlanta data center building was first built, GNAX delivered the heat gas booster pump directly from our server cooling tower to the company office for heating from the beginning.
From day one, we have no additional heating costs;
This is 100% energy savings from the GNAX office!
Extracting heat from the dedicated server cooling tower can improve server operation efficiency and reduce energy waste.
Generator room gnax creates an innovative, energy-efficient system for diesel generator heating that must be kept warm-up and ready to start immediately when there is a power outage.
The block heater uses warm water to keep the generator warm and ready to run.
The facility audit results suggest that the Atlanta data center generator room add auxiliary heat, as the area must always be open to external air through blinds, even during the deepest winter months.
The GNAX solution is to use the dry cooler fan uniquely (
Usually installed on the roof of the data center)
By installing it on the side of the generator room.
The ventilation device is set to deliver the excess BTUs from the server cooling tower to the generator room through this dry cooler system, effectively raising the temperature without using any natural gas or heating oil. The only additional energy use is a small amount of power that generates the fan motor output.
As seen in the office heating system, GNAX heat recovery again saves nearly 100% of the energy for the generator room.
Again, due to the excess heat being delivered from the data center server, the cooling tower is now running cooler and more efficiently.
Research and functional testing have repeatedly shown that running a server at less than 80% capacity can save a lot of energy and significantly improve the life of the device.
Heat transfer and recovery from the data center to the office and generator room makes the GNAX server run at less than 70% full capacity.
Data Backup Security: GNAX fully tests the generator every two weeks, completely switches the full data center server load to the diesel generator system and turns off the AC power, which is rarely done by other server hosting companies.
This actually ensures the security of the emergency data backup system in the event of a power outage.
The data center cooling system saves a lot of energy costs. The current roof fan system installed in the main data center consists of six fan air outlets, sucking air from the outside, and then pulling out of the facility through a large takeout fan through the data center.
Currently, this is an on/off system where our Atlanta data center staff monitors the internal temperature through the main service panel and turns the fan on or off based on these readings.
Our preliminary measurements showed that the energy consumption of air conditioning cooling was significantly reduced by 6%, which also saved us dollars.
Server cooling is a huge expense for all data centers, and any savings in this regard are welcome;
Energy costs are down 6%, which is by no means a trivial matter.
The upcoming data center cooling system 2009 program: with the first incarnation of the cooling system, great energy efficiency has been achieved so far, and we know that higher energy efficiency is very achievable.
For the next phase of our green initiative, we expect to save at least 10% of the energy for Mother Earth and the GNAX wallet. Computer-
The optimized data center cooling GNAX plan is to make the cooling system a computer-
Optimized through the company\'s existing automated building systems.
When the air difference between inside and outside reaches 10 degrees, the system will monitor and then start the fan cooling system.
This system will be optimized for use in as much time as possible during the day and take advantage of the cool night air, even if the staff is not here to actually start the system.
The second part of the thermal channel surround enhancement energy saving program is the thermal channel that surrounds the data center, and the server heat raises the temperature to about 110f.
A ventilation system will be built to deliver this very hot air directly to the outlet fan of the system.
This will bring two benefits: 1.
Remove excess heat from contact with other data center devices so that their operational efficiency is not affected. 2.
This heated air will lead to human differences between the inside and outside air, thus making the new computer
Even if the external air is around 85 degrees or 90 degrees, the optimized cooling system will start up.
The cost is still relatively high-
90-degree air is more efficient than 100-degree air cooling.
Hinkle benchmark: As president of our growing dedicated Atlanta server and hosting data center, defending newer and more efficient servers, I\'m pretty clear, A clear, in order to show customers and colleagues the real energy savings brought about by implementing newer, more efficient server technologies, feasible measures need to be taken.
For a long time, it has been clear to the core GNAX team that server consolidation and scrapping of obsolete equipment will result in serious cost savings and better use of limited energy on Earth.
The question is how to illustrate these energy-saving measures in a clear and easy-to-quantify way.
The answer is a mathematical tool I created, which we call the Hinkle benchmark.
This energy efficiency formula allows GNAX to demonstrate and demonstrate to computer recycling facilities that it is reasonable for server consolidation and retirement of outdated technologies.
The latest server devices are energy efficient and use longer, saving a lot of money for our customers.
Energy cost savings began to prove this fairly quickly;
Customers do not have to wait for long-term savings.
Data center efficiency is calculated by adding all chip points for each microchip used by each server in the center.
This number is then divided by the total number of servers being used.
The resulting number represents the relative use of power compared to the total delivery of computing power.
Dedicated Servers and hosting clients should look at the provider\'s Hinkle benchmark and choose a data center dedicated to improving energy efficiency.
This equation also allows GNAX to demonstrate to the client the need to upgrade the server device.
In addition to energy saving, the green plan is also a top priority while improving the energy efficiency of the data center, and GNAX is also working on other data center Green plans to reduce the impact of our company on earth resources and fragile ecosystems.
Our company is full of protection.
Bring their green ideas to the thoughtful people on the GNAX table.
We strive to reduce our carbon footprint and recycle it at every opportunity.
Global Access Network (GNAX)
No natural gas or heating oil is used in data center operations.
This is only a reasonable business practice and is believed by most of us as citizens of the Earth.
We recycle each piece of cardboard.
Local community members who need income pick up cardboard and ship it to the recycling bin in Atlanta or Dallas.
We recycle all scrap metals, mainly steel and copper.
All old server devices are received by the local computer recycling company.
By requiring suppliers to ship new equipment in bulk as much as possible, GNAX eliminates unnecessary packaging materials.
The Gaylord box we use allows us to receive up to 20 servers in a box on a tray with no additional packaging material in it.
This has reduced our packaging waste by nearly 2 out of 3!
On-site Wells: self-sustained cooling of urban water resources and zero pressure gnax have their own wells on our server equipment cooling property.
We do not rely on cities and cities, nor do we put pressure on urban resources.
In the event of any local or national disaster, we have our own power and water resources to ensure the overall safety of customer data.
There is no doubt that our data centers are actually running paperless, and communication is done electronically, not paper, whenever possible --
Based on the mail or fax system.
Our Atlanta data center is almost entirely made of concrete, even floor tiles, with almost no burns.
There is little use of any kind of wood in the facility.
GNAX uses water-based sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers that are harmless to humans or the surrounding environment.
Although the green program implemented by our modern data center has achieved outstanding savings in the energy sector and in our 2009 plan, the GNAX team is pleased to see to what extent we can address this efficiency challenge.
This is the current reality of the responsible data center management and industry-leading research organization, the Uptime Institute, who published the title \"lean, clean and green\" at the upcoming fourth annual Research Workshop
We will be in New York City on April 13-16 and look forward to meeting with our colleagues to learn more about ways to stay green in our data center world.
Let our colleagues learn more about how to keep the data center Green.
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