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A Gas-Liquid Pressure Booster System For Chromatographic Analysis And Chromatographic Injection

A Gas-Liquid Pressure Booster System For Chromatographic Analysis And Chromatographic Injection


Chromatographic analysis refers to the method of separating and analyzing substances according to the difference in partition coefficient between the stationary phase and the mobile phase.It can be divided into liquid chromatography, gas chromatography and supercritical fluid chromatography according to the molecular aggregation state of the mobile phase. According to the separation principle, it gas booster pump can be divided into many categories such as adsorption, distribution, space repulsion, ion exchange, affinity and chiral chromatography.According to the operating principle, it can be divided into column chromatography and plate chromatography.  Chromatography has become one of the most widely used analytical methods in pharmacopoeia.




In chromatographic analysis, chromatographic injection is inevitable--that is, pneumatic

equipment is used to fill the chromatographic device with chromatographic analysis. In this process, you need to use the Suncenter gas-liquid booster system.


Here, we can't help but talk about the four benefits of the Suncentet gas-liquid booster system:

1. Energy saving: SUNCENTER gas-liquid pressure booster system can adjust the running state of the supplied liquid according to the demand

2. Stable air pressure: The Suncenter gas-liquid booster system uses a single air-controlled unbalanced gas distribution valve to realize the reciprocating movement of the pump.Not only can it start gently, at the same time, it can quickly adjust the response in the case of large fluctuations in gas consumption

3. Low noise: According to the requirements of actual working conditions, after the SST gas-liquid booster system is transformed through oil-free adjustment, it basically achieves silent work and ensure the health of the site staff


So, how should chromatographic injection be performed in chromatographic analysis? please remember:

1. Connect the air compressor and chromatographic column packing machine required for column packing to ensure that the body is stable when the column packing machine is working

2. Weigh filler 3.0-3.5g

3. Dissolve the filler with 40-50ml isopropanol, stir evenly with a glass rod and use ultrasonic for 3 minutes to ensure its dispersibility

4. Quickly pour the above mixture into the homogenization tank. If the homogenization tank is not full, then fill it with isopropanol. Ideally, it is not necessary to add isopropanol

5. Quickly connect the homogenizer tank and the column to the pump. Start the column packing machine with methanol (chemical alcohol) as the mobile phase at a pressure of 60MPA, Keep the column packing machine working at 60MPa for 20 minutes, Reduce pressure to 30MPa and run for 5-10 minutes, Slowly depressurize the system to no pressure for 3 minutes

6. Remove the column to see if the column head is flat, if it is not flat, use a utility knife to shovel it

7. Connect the column to a high-performance liquid chromatograph and run with methanol (chromatographic grade) at a flow rate of 1.0 for 30 minutes

8. Start to check the column efficiency

9. Proficiency in this work many times to improve the packing quality

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