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Dongguan Suncenter Industrial Oxygen Booster Pump Creates Outstanding Brand

Dongguan Suncenter Industrial Oxygen Booster Pump Creates Outstanding Brand


In today's era, the pneumatic fluid control equipment market is subject to many changes in competition, and various storms rise and fall. Products are the key link for enterprises to survive. Only by adhering to a high standard starting point and implementing high-quality control can we build excellent products and create excellent brands. Become the market leader. Dongguan Suncenter Fluid Control Equipment Co., Ltd. is such a professional pneumatic booster pump manufacturer that always pays attention to product quality and deeply grasps market opportunities.


Today's protagonist is the SUNCENTER pneumatic oxygen booster pump, which mainly has three major series of DGT / DGD / DGA:


DGT / DGD / DGA series industrial pneumatic oxygen booster pumps are the outstanding representatives of Dongguan Suncenter for years of paying close attention to product quality. In order to achieve the set goals, the leader of Suncenter set an example and led the company's research and development department to launch this well-designed, corrosion-resistant and low-noise product based on his decades of  professional experience.


Oxygen has the characteristics of inflammable and explosive, Therefore, Dongguan Suncenter manufactures oil-free oxygen booster brand products that are designed with high temperature resistance and stainless steel materials. Dongguan Suncenter has unique experience in oxygen boosting. The oxygen booster pump uses a single gas-controlled unbalanced gas distribution valve to realize the reciprocating motion of the pump. All of them are made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, durable and practical, safe and explosion-proof.


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The R & D and manufacturing of this equipment has already done market research and Can be used in a variety of occasions: air conditioning coil detection, valve tightness testing, pressure vessel testing; Constant replenishment of gas in the gas storage tank; General compressor to increase air pressure; Air control valve pneumatic actuator, coordinate measuring instrument, pneumatic marking machine, CNC machine tool clamping device is insufficient; Pneumatic bundling machine, code jet machine, cylinder clamping force is insufficient.

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