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Suncenter Dgd25 Oxygen Booster

Suncenter Dgd25 Oxygen Booster


Dongguan Suncenter Fluid Control Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a joint venture company specialized in fluid pressure conversion and control equipment.  With a number of professional and technical personnel engaged in fluid control equipment research and development for many years, experienced and strong development ability, and in the long-term market training formed a set of scientific management model. In order to meet the individual needs of different customers, various types of products are designed and manufactured. Specialized and standardized production is used to further improve product stability and reduce costs. The quality of the produced DGD25 oxygen booster is guaranteed. The company adheres to the principle of survival by credibility, innovation and development, pursues excellence, continuously improves product quality, and serves every customer with good quality and perfect after-sales process.


DGD25 oxygen supercharger booster is one of the main products of Dongguan Suncenter. It is known to all that oxygen is inflammable and explosive, so all the oxygen superchargers booster manufactured by Dongguan Suncenter are designed with high temperature and stainless steel materials. Dongguan Suncenter has unique experience in the pressurization of oxygen, oxygen booster pump using single air control non-balanced gas distribution valve to achieve the reciprocating movement of the pump, all made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, durable, practical, safe and explosion-proof. Widely used in air conditioning coil testing, valve tightness testing, pressure vessel testing;Constant replenishment of gas in the gas storage tank; General compressor to increase air pressure; Air control valve pneumatic actuator, coordinate measuring instrument, pneumatic marking machine, CNC machine tool clamping device is insufficient; Pneumatic bundling machine, code jet machine, cylinder clamping force is insufficient.

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In line with the corporate philosophy of "Taking the right path, taking small steps and making progress every day", after years of unremitting efforts, the company has won unanimous recognition and praise from new and old customers. The products produced by the company are not only widely sold in the country, but also widely praised, and have the qualification of EU CE certification manufacturers, and are mostly exported to Europe, America and other countries. The company has gained a certain reputation in the industry by virtue of its advanced product design and reliability of quality. Choosing Dongguan Suncenter means choosing cost-effective benefits!


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