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A Masterpiece Made With Heart -- Suncenter Carbon Dioxide Pressurization Equipment

A Masterpiece Made With Heart -- Suncenter Carbon Dioxide Pressurization Equipment


With the ever-increasing update speed of technological products, a single product is not enough to meet the development needs of customers. Therefore, Dongguan Suncenter relies on its own rich resources in the fluid control market to integrate, increase innovation and development, and strive to create high-quality products. After R&D and production to sales, it has won the recognition of customers with high quality and high service. . From a single product development at the initial stage to the present, it includes pneumatic gas booster pumps, pneumatic liquid booster pumps, air booster valves, pulse blasting test benches, gas cylinder inspection lines, CNG/LNG vehicle modification inspection equipment, high-pressure needle valve pipe fittings and With a variety of products, including gas-liquid pressurized cylinders, Dongguan Suncenter relies on continuous innovation and development, and adheres to the development path of building a technological brand with heart.

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Under the background of innovation and development, the carbon dioxide pressurization equipment independently developed and produced by Dongguan Suncenter Company is especially suitable for the injection of nitrogen and CO2 in rubber and plastic products.

1. Operational characteristics: Carbon dioxide pressurization equipment is mainly used for foaming nitrogen and CO2 injection of rubber and plastic products. In order to achieve the required outlet pressure, the input air pressure of the gas input port needs a certain degree of pre-pressurization, and the pre-pressurization is due to the maximum pressure reached It can be pressurized up to 80Mpa. The whole pump is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. The diameter of the driving piston of this series of pumps is 160mm, and the driving pressure is less than 8bar. Both ends of the pump head are equipped with exhaust cooling. It is required at the same time as the flow rate and there is a certain intake pressure.


2. Product features: It is driven by ordinary compressed air, which is safe and convenient, will not produce arc sparks, and is safe and explosion-proof; good sealing performance, no oil lubrication, guide connecting sleeve device is used to separate the gas compression cylinder from the air drive cylinder to ensure that it is compressed The medium is not contaminated and the output capacity of stable pressure; the product structure is stable, the material performance is durable, and the safety is good.


3. Typical applications: Provide static pressure and burst testing for valves, pipe fittings, pressure vessels, etc.; static and dynamic testing after maintenance of aerospace accessories; safety valve calibration; communication cable inflation equipment; auxiliary injection molding with high-pressure nitrogen inflation; ultra-pure gas Compression (CO2 super-immediate extraction); testing of high-pressure gas systems and instruments in various places.

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In addition to the strength of R&D of new products, "Pay attention to details and pursue quality" is the management philosophy of Dongguan Suncenter, which runs through every link of product development, procurement, production, debugging and inspection of booster equipment. The strong technical team guarantees the low price, high quality and high performance of the company’s products. It is committed to providing customers with high quality and cost-effective products, relying on innovation for development, constantly developing new technologies, and building a technological brand with heart, and strive to become my country Pioneer in the fluid control industry!




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