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Pneumatic Air Booster System For Laser Cutting Machine

Pneumatic Air Booster System For Laser Cutting Machine


Laser cutting machines are widely used in sheet metal cutting, acrylic sheet advertising production and other industries, but the operation of laser cutting machines requires high-pressure gas to assist the use, so the products are smooth and beautiful, especially for stainless steel, steel, iron and other metal sheets. The required pressure is higher, but the 8bar air pressure of the traditional air compressor can no longer meet the normal use of the cutting machine. The 2 times to 5 times gas pressurization system of Dongguan Suncenter has specially developed an air pressurization system for the laser cutting machine industry. Changing the original gas pipeline can solve the problem of insufficient pressure without adding equipment. Commonly used models are DGS-DGV02-40L, DGS-DGV05-40L.

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