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Energy Saving And High Efficiency, DGS-DGM02 Air Booster Pump Is Your Best Choice

Energy Saving And High Efficiency, DGS-DGM02 Air Booster Pump Is Your Best Choice


As companies continue to increase their requirements for air source pressure, their requirements for air booster pumps will also be further increased. In fact, in recent years, thanks to the efforts of Suncenter researchers, the level of domestic air booster pumps has also risen to a new level, and because Suncenter’s products are rich in variety, good quality, and affordable, they have been affected. The favor of many companies.


Take Suncenter DGS-DGM02 air booster pump as an example. This equipment uses compressed air as power to boost air, oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium, etc. The boost ratios are 2:1 and 5: Class 1 (that is, the pressurized medium can be pressurized twice or five times). Once it was unveiled, it was loved by corporate users and attracted a large number of buyers to consult and experience.

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It is understood that, compared with ordinary air booster pumps, DGS-DGM02 air booster pump is a cost-effective device carefully developed independently by Suncenter. It is an independent booster unit connected in series to the boosted pipeline. It has the characteristics of fast pressurization, long service life, stable pressure, large flow, convenient installation, simple operation, convenient maintenance, etc. It is especially suitable for the adjustment of the air source pressure of the cutting machine. Increase and stabilize the pressure in normal use, as well as the fields where pressure is required for many high-precision pneumatic equipment such as coordinate measuring machines, laser marking machines, and air tightness testing machines.

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The pulse is small, there is a stable pressure output, and the output pressure value can be adjusted to the allowable pressure range of the workplace through an additional pressure reducing valve; 2. Low noise, low investment cost, energy saving, and high-pressure air compressor system Compared with high-pressure compressors, when reaching the set pressure, there is no additional energy consumption, so it consumes less energy and saves energy; 3. It is safe and explosion-proof. The equipment does not need any power source, is completely gas driven, and no electric spark arc is generated. Especially used in mines, oil fields and other flammable and explosive occasions.


Nowadays, with the continuous expansion of the air booster pump market, people are paying more and more attention to the issue of energy conservation and safety, and the market prospect of air booster pumps is still immeasurable. While seizing the opportunity, we still need to continuously strengthen the innovation and upgrade of equipment, take market demand and relevant regulations and standards as the research and development direction, and continue to promote the development of the industry while ensuring the quality of air booster pumps.



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