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All electric gear pump on the service life of the pump power plant

by:Suncenter     2020-09-08
power plant is mainly used in automobile, engineering machinery and agricultural machinery in the engine, engine is key components of the lubrication system plays an important role. Oil pump products are mainly used in the engine lubrication system is an indispensable part in engine lubrication system. In recent years, the industry development situation is good. First of all, as the residents' income levels rising, motorcycles, cars entered innumberable families, automobile, motorcycle production presents the fast extension; Second, the rising of agricultural mechanization degree, expanding the application scope of agricultural machinery, the market is also increasingly prosperous, at the same time, the speeding up of economic development, urbanization, promote the construction of a large number of, led to large engineering machinery market demand. The development of the automobile, agricultural machinery and engineering machinery directly drive the application of the oil pump, the development of the industry to play an active role in promoting. In the future, with the development of economy, the residents income level will continue to rise, auto penetration will be high; Urbanization will also gradually, application scope will also expand agricultural modernization, so, the future of automobiles, engineering machinery, etc also will further expand the market space, nature also will expand oil pump market, at the same time, the automobile, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery market ownership increases will also pull the maintenance market space. Therefore, the development prospects of China's oil pump industry is relatively clear. Along with the successful development of pump technology, the gear pump products will certainly to develop in the direction of intelligent, capable of parameters such as pressure, flow rate, temperature and vibration monitoring; To the co2 transfer pump shaft, bearing and seal condition assessment; Can be the cause of the fault diagnosis, etc. Oil pump unit electricity industry technology development will be embodied in the design of electronic control system, improve drive and looking for new materials, etc. All electric gear pump has a series of advantages, exceptions are strengths in green and energy-saving aspects, according to reports, at present a good full electric pump power saving can reach 70%, in addition, due to the use of servo motor injection of high control precision, speed and relatively stable, can also be multistage regulation. But the electrodynamic co2 transfer pump than on the service life of the whole hydraulic gear pump, and the whole hydraulic gear pump to ensure accuracy using the servo valve with the closed loop control, and servo valve is expensive, cost rise. In general, the heavier oil pump electric pump casing of the unit, and the higher the temperature resistance, compression strength. body materials often used nodular cast iron, can also be made from hard alloy die casting, or USES the aluminum profile extrusion processing and manufacturing. When the conveying of corrosive medium, can use the high cost of stainless steel materials. Foreign oil pump power plant with nickel, chromium content in high alloy steel as the pump shell material, this material in strength, on sex and cost of comprehensive performance is better. To solve the problem of trapped oil phenomenon of gear lubrication pump, usually on the pump cover open symmetrical unloading groove, or to low voltage side direction asymmetry of opening unloading groove, aspirating side by cone unloading groove, drainage side for rectangle unloading groove, the depth of the unloading groove is better than a gear lubrication pump used in the hydraulic industry. This article url: key words: the axial plunger pump manufacturers suppliers, axial plunger pump manufacturers selling, axial plunger pump manufacturers
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