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Axial piston pump manufacturer of equipment efficiency

by:Suncenter     2020-08-11
OEE real 'international is to measure the ratio of actual production ability and the theory of capacity. Axial piston pump manufacturer was 8 h a day can produce 1000 products, but due to the operation of the machine staff is not skilled, can only make 900; Machine is not so stable, also often fails, the loss in 100; Sometimes all of a sudden power outage, the machine restart time again, again lose 100, actually can only produce 700 products; The 700 with 10% of the defective product, really good product only 630, this time, we said, only 63% of the equipment OEE. There are three key factors influencing OEE: availability ( A) , expressive ( P) , the quality index ( Q) , we usually call it APQ. Thus we can get a formula to calculate: OEE = availability * expressive * quality index. Usability said axial plunger gas booster pump equipment within the total available time availability. Performance measure equipment loss of speed and free or halt due to blocking and lack of material. Quality index is used to display devices produce a qualified product rate. Before explaining the OEE calculation, have a need to know about the equipment of the eight great loss. 1) planned downtime, equipment downtime due to plan or contract content. The downtime is easy to understand, such as no orders, production line, there is no thing to do are idle white take salary, machine idle waste also calculate depreciation; (2) the fault loss, caused by the length of time a total failure, including the equipment being repaired and test until run time. Such as welding machine head suddenly unable to move, only the axial plunger pump after completion of maintenance personnel to repair can continue to production: (3) conversion time, species change with the time loss, refers to equipment from one type to another type of processing for the preparation and adjust the sum of the time. Steering A production line of receiving such as production plan to production redirector B, then some small fixture to be change, some equipment need to debug; (4) adjust time, caused by the axial plunger pump equipment adjustment of downtime, such as the change of material or processing conditions, the concept may be a bit confused with the conversion time, this adjustment is a kind of local small change caused by stagnation, such as water temperature control parameters will change with the seasons change, use different plastic particles do same type product need to change the machine Settings; (5) start the loss, in every class start and end of what had happened without output time, including the preparation, heating and cooling, etc. I have ever had to squeeze molding machine mold need to wait for ten minutes after installation on the preheating time, this is the start the loss, for the axial plunger pump engineers, how to make the mould fast heating, warming faster is to improve the goal. 6 small downtime, the equipment need to happen in the operation of the operator the interrupt or exception handling, and loss of time. Here are similar to the concept and fault time, fault refers to large downtime, axial plunger pump manufacturers need to solve equipment maintenance personnel, this little downtime said don't need to maintenance personnel, operators only yourself. Such as vibration plate material, operators can make a stuck in a pen products, continue to work to make vibration plates; That the length of time a little easy to ignore, take the vibration plate material card, because the employee can be depended on the manual recovery, so it is difficult to be seriously, but the end of the day, the operators are always in the treatment of the vibration plate material, have a problem, and the direction of improvement should be card material frequency to reduce vibration plates, it won't be the operators can be solved. 'Keywords: axial plunger pump manufacturers, variable plunger pump manufacturers, oil gas booster pump power plant manufacturers
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