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Axial piston pump manufacturer to prevent and remove sake

by:Suncenter     2020-08-12
Axial piston pump manufacturer gauge pressure unstable when things ( 1) Oil distribution or between piston and cylinder wear plate and cylinder, make them outside leakage and leakage is too large. Disposal of punishment main point: the raid, repair of common oil distribution plate and cylinder surface; Single cylinder bedding-in, change the plunger; Tighten the screw abutting, eliminate leakage. ( 2) Into the tubing plugging, oil absorption resistance larger and air leakage has probably caused unstable pressure gauge pointer. Disposal of punishment main point: the inlet pipe plugging, flow resistance is big, can dredge oil pipe inlet filter, oil inlet pipe section of adjacent confiscated and fastening screw, remove air leakage. The axial plunger pump flow does not apply ( 1) Fuel tank oil level is too low, oil pipe, oil filter clogging or resistance is too large and air leakage, etc. Disposal of punishment main point: the raid fuel tank oil level height. Do not apply should be added. Tubing, and blockage of the filter should be smooth and washing. Confiscated and tighten screw the adjacent place, remove air leakage. ( 2) Inside the pump running under surplus oil, before leaving atmosphere. Disposal of main point: the punishment from the oil pump oil mouth filling oil, clear oil pump in the atmosphere. Swashplate axial piston pump is generally in the form of rotating cylinder body and face with flow. Cylinder on the face with a piece of oil distribution by double metal plate and steel plate of friction pair, and most is the use of plane flow matching method, so the maintenance is more convenient. Oil distribution plate is one of the key components of the axial piston pump, the pump is working, on the one hand working cavity of high pressure oil into the cylinder with oil pan, on the other hand oil distribution of oil film between plate and cylinder pressure formation of the hydraulic cylinder body reverse thrust to deviate from the cylinder body with oil pan. Cylinder hydraulic clamping force on the design of the oil distribution disc Fn slightly bigger than the oil distribution on the cylinder of hydraulic reverse thrust Ff, namely the Fn/Ff = 1. 05 ~ 1. 1, make the gas booster pump work normally and maintain high volumetric efficiency. Should pay attention to the following items: 1, determine the working condition of medium, medium the plunger gas booster pump are not allowed to appear large particulate matter, otherwise it will cause work breakdown, on iron pollution circumstance of the request should choose stainless steel piston pump, acidic or alkaline medium should choose anti-corrosion piston pump; 2, to determine the reasonable flow range, type of nominal variable piston pump manufacturer is rated flow, should be considered when choosing the appropriate allowance range; Level 3, determine the applicable pressure, pressure rating of the plunger pump can achieve 2. 0 - 2. 5 mpa, should choose the variable gas booster pump with filter machine, slurry should choose low pressure pump, reduce waste; After more than 4, determine the parameters, according to the principle of peaceful big not small, according to the standard model choose YB series ceramics piston pump; 5, if in doubt, should contact the manufacturers, engineering and technical people, please help selection. Keywords: oil pump power plant, the axial plunger pump manufacturers, variable plunger pump manufacturers
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