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Chemical process pump type and current situation of the development

by:Suncenter     2020-09-07
Chemical process pump are very many, according to the scientific principle can be divided into 1. Vane pump, such as centrifugal pump, axial flow pump, mixed-flow pump, partial emission pump, vortex pump, etc. 2. Positive displacement pump, such as reciprocating pump ( Including the plunger pump, piston pump, diaphragm pump, etc. ) ; 3. Rotary pump ( Including the screw pump, liquid ring pump gear pump, vane pump, roots pump, radial piston pump, etc. ) ; 4. Other types of pumps, such as the jet pump, electromagnetic pump and water hammer pump, etc. According to the production process or product characteristic, can be divided into the high-pressure methylamine pump, cryogenic pump, phosphoric acid slurry pump, etc. In chemical or petrochemical production, the pump in the high temperature and low temperature ( Or cryogenic) And high pressure, inflammable, explosive, toxic work under strong corrosive medium, some even in high inlet pressure, high head, high viscosity, small flow and high work, under the condition of cavitation are proposed on the performance of chemical pump is quite stringent requirements, especially for corrosion resistance, are not allowed to leak, The toxic medium) And the wear resistance is extremely high. To adapt to special requirements, chemical production in mechanism industry specializing in the production of special chemical pump, such as plastic pumps, glass, ceramic, graphite pump, shield pump, magnetic pump, impurity pump, etc. Need to transport medium in the process of phosphate fertilizer are phosphate rock slurry, phosphoric acid slurry, all kinds of filtrate, concentrated phosphoric acid dilute phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid and dilute sulphuric acid and fluosilicate, pumps are highly vulnerable to medium corrosion or corrosion and erosion wear. Phosphoric acid slurry pump is in the process of phosphate fertilizer production of various kinds of pump to collectively, is a typical kind of strong corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the pump. In the early development of phosphate fertilizer industry commonly used chemical corrosion-resistant pumps, some live only a week, so the pump industry experts at home and abroad in the structure of phosphoric acid slurry pump design, material testing, sealing research a lot of development on such aspects as research. In the design of phosphoric acid slurry pump, the first thing to solve the corrosion or corrosion and erosion wear problem. Therefore, the structure design and matching between pump casing and impeller should be specially considered. Foreign metal materials used for the phosphoric acid slurry pump, is according to the different series of medium condition is made. Domestic manufacturers and research units separately to corrosion resistance and wear resistance of various materials research, create their own ferritic stainless steel, dual phase steel and austenitic stainless steel and other materials series. Domestic there are a number of professional manufacture of phosphoric acid slurry pump, as well as, universities, and design institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, institute of participate in scientific research and development, such as phosphoric acid slurry co2 transfer pump localization problem has been solved. Has been built in large, medium and small domestic phosphate &compound fertilizer production project, large and medium-sized equipment, about 30 ~ 40 units, all kinds of slurry co2 transfer pump, a small device about 20 ~ 30 sets, all kinds of slurry pump according to each pump life expectancy for six months, the market space is relatively large. In addition, there are some big domestic phosphate fertilizer production enterprises newly built or construction is still in progress, plus a number of medium and small ammonium phosphate reconstruction project, for domestic p pump provides a broad market space.
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