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Combination Of Production And Research--Suncenter Oxygen Booster Pump Takes Technological Innovation As The Development Direction

Combination Of Production And Research--Suncenter Oxygen Booster Pump Takes Technological Innovation As The Development Direction


What is technological innovation? Presumably, technological innovation can only be called technological innovation through continuous integration of production and research to improve key core technological innovation capabilities.


Since its establishment, Dongguan Suncenter Fluid Control Equipment Co., Ltd. has adhered to the combination of production and research, carried out bold innovations, and developed a variety of new products with advantages of pneumatic booster and stabilizer equipment to ensure that each product can meet the requirements. The editor wants to show you a ace product-oxygen booster pump equipment as an example!

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1. Product characteristics: Oxygen is flammable and explosive, so the oxygen booster pump products are designed with high temperature resistance and stainless steel; I have unique experience in oxygen boosting, and the oxygen booster pump adopts single-air control. The balanced gas distribution valve realizes the reciprocating movement of the pump, all made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, durable and practical, safe and explosion-proof.


2.  Scope of application:: Air conditioning coil testing, valve air tightness testing, pressure vessel testing; constant replenishment of gas in the gas tank; ordinary compressors to increase air pressure; pneumatic actuators for pneumatic control valves, three-coordinate measuring instruments, pneumatic marking machines, CNC machine tools Places with insufficient clamping force of the clamping device; places with insufficient clamping force of pneumatic strapping machines, inkjet printers, and cylinders.


3. Work Matters: Individual or part of the equipment in the air circuit requires high pressure; when the pressure of the main air circuit of the factory drops and the minimum operating pressure of the pneumatic device cannot be guaranteed, the booster pump is used to provide high pressure gas to maintain the normal operation of the pneumatic device; remote operation is required , It must be pressurized to make up for the pressure loss; increase the hydraulic pressure of the linkage cylinder; shorten the waiting time for filling the gas tank to a certain pressure.

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At present, it is in the trend of technological innovation and development. This new oxygen booster pump with multiple advantages is sure to meet your needs! With active core technology innovation, insisting on the concept of combining production and research, Dongguan Suncenter is full of confidence in the future, and continuously improves the construction of the technological innovation system to provide customers with high-quality products, strengthen the development potential, and strive to become an innovation benchmark enterprise in the same industry.


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