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SUNCENTER Compressed Air Booster System: Innovation Driven Development

SUNCENTER Compressed Air Booster System: Innovation Driven Development


So far, Suncenter provides a whole factory air booster pressure solution for Zhejiang customers, helping customers to improve their working efficiency, after making the solution together, the customers purchase the 150 sets pneumatic compressed air booster system from Suncenter, Dongguan in one-times.


In the friendly communion between the two side, Suncenter produce 5 sets sample machines for the customers using, the day the goods arrived the clients side, Suncenter will arrange the people to install and using for the customers, finshed the all debugging working in that day evening, Suncentes’s quality serve and high quality product are praised by the customers.

 Compressed Air Booster Syste丨SUNCENTER-1.png

Dongguan Suncenter DDS-DGM02 compressed air booster system is one of our star products. In the quality of the product, Dongguan Suncenter can keep the quality product as good as one, from initial small batch production to today's mass production, the secret (of success) is that the production process of pneumatic fluid control equipment is decomposed into key process, ordinary process and general process in Dongguan Suncenter, the new employee works for general process, the veteran employee works for the ordinary process, the technical backbone of the company concentrate on the key processes step, to maximize guarantee product quality.

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Through years of service experience in pneumatic fluid control equipment, Dongguan Suncenter summed up a lot of valuable technical experience and processing application data, passing the data analysis, testing contrast, continuously improve product performance and pursuing excellence, Dongguan Suncenter pneumatic air booster system’s performance further enhanced, to received wide acclaim from the market.

Facing the big trend of China’s industries going to the world stage center, Dongguan Suncenter will continue to be highly responsible attitude for the society, the style of work as soon as before, strict control the product quality supervise, in pursuit of excellence, continue to explore the path of development, to contribute more power for China’s industrial development.


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