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The Cost-Effective Choice For Innovative Gas Recovery Equipment Is Suncenter

The Cost-Effective Choice For Innovative Gas Recovery Equipment Is Suncenter


Liquefied petroleum gas/coal gas is the most commonly used gas in our daily life, and it is also one of the commonly used gases in industrial activities. But how is the liquefied gas recovered and reused? In order to implement the concept of sustainable development, Suncenter gas recovery equipment (liquefied gas recovery equipment) is an ideal equipment for the liquefied gas recovery, transportation and filling industry.

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Suncenter is keenly aware of the need for gas recovery in the current market, and timely introduced the DGS-DGA02 stainless steel frame gas recovery equipment, which uses pneumatic booster pumps to recover and charge the gas, and it can also recover and charge most of the liquefied gas. It can be used for recycling and filling such as butane, methane, freon, heptafluoropropane, etc. It has the function of vacuuming the low pressure medium, and can recover and pressurize the extremely low pressure gas or the normal pressure gas. And the equipment does not need electricity, does not produce electric sparks, arcs, has the advantages of explosion-proof, simple operation and adjustable pressure.


The most considerate thing about Suncenter DGS-DGA02 stainless steel frame gas recovery equipment is that it integrates compressors, separation tanks, exhaust buffer tanks, return valves, inverted guns, explosion-proof motors, explosion-proof switches and display instruments. It is integrated and does not need to be equipped with other auxiliary equipment. It is compact in structure and easy to operate. The device is equipped with safety valves, return valves and other protective facilities to ensure the safe operation of the equipment, extend its service life, reduce operating costs, and truly consider customers!

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At present, in the market, the liquefied gas industry has selected Suncente's stainless steel frame gas recovery equipment to realize the recovery and reuse of liquefied gas. Suncenter's innovation has brought more possibilities to the liquefied gas industry, and its independent technological innovation has also opened up new markets for itself, which has effectively improved its brand influence in the industry. It can be said that in the area of gas recovery equipment, Suncenter is really worth choosing!



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