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Evaporation forced circulation pump use pay attention to the tips

by:Suncenter     2020-08-15
Evaporation forced circulation pump can be classified as chemical pumps, centrifugal pumps, etc. , in electroplating, chemical, petrochemical, agricultural chemicals, pharmaceutical, PCB etching industries have seen corrosion submerged pump. Why are so many personnel in love? Small make up personally think vertical submerged pump manufacturer or because of its superior performance of the above determines its popularity. Go to learn about the evaporation under the forced circulation pump installation method and corrosion submerged pump use the matters needing attention. 1, when installing pumps should choose solid level, keep body vertical and fixed. 2, try to avoid machine installed in the outdoor. It should be the cover must be installed in the outdoor, shielding, if the pump is equipped with electronic controller, are to be protected. 3, piping should be considered before the use of chemical, temperature conditions and delivery head, choice of different pipe material, accord with the actual requirements. For example: temperature above 60 ℃, should choose PP pipe installation. 4, for the piping should be paid attention to when the tube is any residual impurities or debris, wash with water to line when necessary. 5, evaporation forced circulation pump flange joint should be lined with gasket, and lock to prevent air suction pump. When 6, piping pipeline should be paid attention to distort, after installation, check the gas booster pump again if have overexert when installation or improper installation movement and distortion. 7, after the pump installation should be confirm whether strong pipeline, to avoid damage to piping vibration. 8, connect the power cord should be confirmed before the use of the power supply is consistent with the motor type, and over-current protection switch. 9, height of outlet piping such as more than above motor or it is inverse pressure, please check valve at the pump outlet device, device location do not more than high liquid level line too much. 10, to be on the safe side, good device entry screen pack to avoid damage to the pump suction sundry. 11, entrance connecting flange must be the same and the inlet flange diameter, outlet flange must be the same and outlet flange diameter. Warning: too tight or too loose will affect the flow performance and security. Please make sure all nuts have lock, the lock can cause liquid leakage, damage of tight lock is easy to fall off. Please by familiar with this machine equipment installation personnel to install. 12, evaporation forced circulation pump motor using voltage motor nameplate for reference. In a motor connection box can be found on the circuit connection icon. We forced circulation pump installed in evaporation previously selected model is in line with the current condition and medium, submerged pump selection method is much more important.
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