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Innovation of Suncenter Double-head Gas Booster Pump

Innovation of Suncenter Double-head Gas Booster Pump


Since entering the era of reform and opening up, China has vigorously encouraged the development of science and technology, inspiring enterprises to make bold innovations, and has made major breakthroughs in all walks of life. The national economy has developed steadily and rapidly, ranking among the top countries in the world economy. Following the pace of national innovation and development of science and technology, more and more enterprises have joined the army of independent innovation, and have embarked on the road of scientific and technological innovation and development. This also includes the leader in the pump and valve industry - Dongguan Suncenter Fluid Control Equipment Co., Ltd., with its strong strength, vigorously invest in scientific research, using science and technology innovation as a weapon to write a new chapter in enterprise development.


For example, the DGD15 double-head gas booster pump, which currently has a place in the market, is one of Suncenter's hot-selling products. This double-head gas booster pump uses compressed air as the power source. The booster pump is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. The drive piston has a diameter of 160mm, the drive air pressure is less than or equal to 8bra, and the maximum pressure can be increased to 80mpa. With exhaust cooling, no additional cooling system is required, which is the first highlight of this double-head gas booster pump.


The second major innovation of this dual-head gas booster pump is reflected in the multi-purpose function. Compared with the gas booster pump, the DGD15 double-head gas booster pump has a simpler and more compact structure. It is especially suitable for pressure test of pressure piping equipment such as valve piping, high-pressure vessels and connecting parts, cylinder filling test, and air tightness. Test, airtight test, burst pressure test, etc., can also be used for testing tools in schools, research and inspection departments. The machine can also be used in three coordinate measuring machines, cable foaming, laser marking machine, CNC machining center, argon arc welding machine, carbon dioxide protection welding machine, brewery packaging equipment, gas control valve, brewery malt oxygenation Various high-precision pneumatic equipment such as equipment and airtightness testing machines require pressurized conditions.

In addition, the third bright spot is reflected in the more diverse application media. After the upgrade, this double-head gas booster pump from Dongguan Suncenter can compress air, oxygen (O2), nitrogen (N2), hydrogen (H2), helium (He), helium (Ne), argon. (Ar), natural gas, gas carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrous oxide (N2O), heavy hydrogen (D2), refrigerants, fire extinguishing agents, methane propane and other alkane gases, hospital respiratory gases (N2+O2) Sulfur hexafluoride gas (SF6) ethylene (C2H4), inert gas, etc., to meet the needs of different customers.

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Dongguan Suncenter is following the spring of the country's strong support for technological innovation, step by step, the pump and valve industry in the industry, constantly refreshing the new high in the pump and valve industry, providing customers with more effective gas booster pump, also The development of large industries has injected new vitality.