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"Recommended" a Golden Partner - Suncenter Refrigerant Booster Pump

"Recommended" a Golden Partner - Suncenter Refrigerant Booster Pump


In the busy production workshop, a Taiwan refrigerant booster pump is working on the hot sun, and the efficient operation of the equipment roars out a different symphony, and the work line continues to hear the sound of work.


Just as good steel must be used on the blade, good equipment must also be in important positions. In the refrigeration industry, the Suncenter refrigerant booster pump has been sent to the "battlefield."


Dongguan Sai Sen manufacturers refrigerant booster pump uses a single air-controlled unbalanced gas distribution valve to achieve pump reciprocating motion, all made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, and all seals are imported high-quality products, making them the efficiency in the refrigeration industry. pioneer.


This refrigerant booster pump is based on the quality of the first-class Dongguan Suncenter, driving pressure ≤ 10bar, in order to ensure the life of the pump recommended driving pressure <8bar, the pump drive piston diameter is 160mm, is a rare gold in the refrigeration industry partner. Its full pneumatic operation, no need for power supply characteristics, has created its fully automatic work, saving manpower. This not only ensures the quality of the refrigerant booster pump, but also strictly controls the performance characteristics of the refrigerant booster pump to achieve a high-quality matching state and achieve high-efficiency operation!

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The refrigeration industry has long working hours and high work intensity, which not only tests the strength of the equipment working device, but also has higher requirements for the reliability of the refrigerant supercharger. As we all know, a company has to manage a lot of equipment. In addition to the efficiency and reliability of the equipment, the most important thing is energy consumption. As mentioned above, the Suncenter SLM06 model Refrigerant pump is not only efficient, but also pneumatically operated. It can be started without a power supply. It is really a big “gospel” in the refrigeration industry.

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Reliable, efficient and intelligent, it is the basic basis for the refrigerant booster pump of Dongguan Suncenter Fluid Control Equipment Co., Ltd., which is dedicated to the industry and has won a lot of users' favor. Now, Dongguan Suncenter has become a strong presence in the pump and valve industry. In the future, Dongguan Suncenter will become a new choice for more companies, with exclusive power to enjoy the future.