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Introduction Of Dgm03 Air Booster Pump And Dgv02 Air Booster Pump

Introduction Of Dgm03 Air Booster Pump And Dgv02 Air Booster Pump


Dongguan Sun center has been on the road for more than ten years. It not only adheres to the development concept of quality first, but also creates a wide variety of products to meet the diversified needs of users. It has also been the development trend of Dongguan Suncenter Fluid Control Equipment Co., Ltd. The direction of constant efforts. The creation of air booster pumps is no exception. The DGM03 air booster pump and the DGV02 air booster pump are the two products that Dongguan Suncenter has built to meet the different needs of users.


First of all, the DGM03 air booster pump uses a single air-controlled unbalanced gas distribution valve to realize the reciprocating motion of the pump. All of them are made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. All the seals are imported high-quality products. The pressure of the booster pump is 10 bar. In order to ensure the life of the pump, it is recommended to drive the air pressure to be less than or equal to 8 kg. The pump has a drive piston diameter of 100mm and is a single-acting pump. All single-acting pump heads are equipped with exhaust cooling.

Suncenter-Introduction Of Dgm03 Air Booster Pump And Dgv02 Air Booster Pump

The DGV02 air booster pump uses pure compressed air as the driving power source, the gas booster pump as the pressure source, and pure air as the pressurized medium. The output air gas pressure is proportional to the driving air source pressure. By adjusting the pressure of the driving air source, the corresponding pressurized air gas pressure can be obtained. When the driving air source pressure and the pressurized air gas pressure reach equilibrium, the pneumatic booster pump stops the pressurization, and the output air gas pressure is stabilized at the preset pressure. Therefore, it has the characteristics of explosion-proof, energy-saving, environmental protection, adjustable output pressure, small size, light weight, simple operation, reliable performance and wide application range.

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In addition, whether it is the DGM03 air booster pump or the DGV02 air booster pump, the air consumption is mainly determined by the number of reciprocations per minute of the drive cylinder piston of the booster pump, in case the pressure of the supplied air source is inconvenient, The number of times the pump is reciprocated depends on whether the pressure of the exhaust gas is large or small. When the pressure of the air supply is adjusted to the highest for no-load exhaust (such as when inflating the large-volume container to be inspected), it is the time when the pump consumes the most gas. As the air pressure in the test container gradually increases, the reciprocating speed of the pump gradually decreases. Until the driving air pressure is proportional to the exhaust air pressure, the pump stops working and the air consumption is equal to zero. The maximum gas consumption of the gas booster pump equipped with the device is 0.6m3/min. According to the conventional inflation condition, an air compressor with a displacement of 0.6-1m3/min can be selected. In this way, even different series of products do not need additional air compressors to meet production needs, which greatly saves costs.

Suncenter always believes that product quality is the foundation of the market, and the products are as rich and diverse as possible, so that enterprises can have a greater share in the market and go further. And DGM03 air booster pump and DGV02 air booster pump this product is worth having!

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