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Benefits of Using the Suncenter Pneumatic Air Booster Pump

Benefits of Using the Suncenter Pneumatic Air Booster Pump


What is the air booster pump? Why do you need an air booster pump for air boost?


In fact, there are many devices that can perform air pressurization, such as piston boosters, diaphragm boosters, and screw boosters. However, due to structural limitations, they can only be used for supercharging of high-purity gases. It is difficult to achieve the requirements of small size, light weight and flexible movement. At the same time, the traditional supercharger uses electric motor to provide power, and can not be applied to non-power supply places and environments and equipments with high requirements for flammability, explosion and electromagnetic interference. Therefore, Suncenter believes that the air pressure of the workshop is best to use a "pneumatic" air booster pump.


So good, what advantages does the pneumatic air booster pump have on the pressurization of the gas source in the workshop? Why is it so highly recommended by Suncenter? First of all, it can increase the local pressure boost of the plant to make up for the high pressure requirement of a certain equipment inside the plant. Secondly, with the Suncenter air booster pump, there is no need to buy an air compressor. The air compressor is more than Air booster pumps are more expensive and more expensive equipment. The emergence of air booster pumps makes up for the shortage of air compressors. Third, pneumatic air booster pumps have a unique advantage in local boosting; Fourth, our air booster pump can not only carry out air pressurization, but also has no need for layer application in physical foaming, air tightness test, pressure test, etc., specifically, it can be directly called Suncenter Zhaogong (13751350057), here Not introduced one by one.


Suncenter-Benefits of Using the Suncenter Pneumatic Air Booster Pump

Finally, where is the superiority of the Suncenter air booster pump?


Advantage 1: The Suncenter pneumatic air booster pump is designed pneumatically, and its advantages are especially outstanding compared with electric equipment. For example, light weight, small size, easy to carry; simple structure, easy to maintain; no overload and overheating, maximum pressure, self-balancing, stop working, pressure drop and timely pressure; no spark, arc, can be used for any Flammable explosion occasion


Advantage 2: Pneumatic air booster pump body adopts integrated detachable structure: it is convenient for subsequent lubrication and maintenance. Its internal imported German seal ring can ensure the quality of gas liquid boosting and regulating!


Advantage 3: Saving maintenance costs: The size of the SACENTER pneumatic air booster pump is 1/4 smaller than that of the ordinary booster valve, and the weight is 1/5, and the size of the whole machine is significantly reduced. Therefore, the lubricating oil required for each maintenance is about 50% of the ordinary pressure increasing valve, and the maintenance cost is greatly saved.

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I think that such a workshop air-energy boosting device that can save energy and reduce emissions while saving production costs for the customer's workshop, everyone will like it.

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