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Suncenter's 5 times Single-head Air Booster Pump DGV is Great

Suncenter's 5 times Single-head Air Booster Pump DGV is Great


There are so many air booster pumps on the market. Why choose Suncenter? Today we will talk about the eight reasons to choose the DESV DGV05 air booster pump!


1. Lightweight and flexible, special working conditions are also free. Suncenter's compact body, large output flow, durable and easy to maintain, especially suitable for large diameter cylinders, but the output must be ensured.

2. Applicability is strong and the work scene is more varied. Applicable to ordinary compressors to improve air pressure, pneumatic control valve pneumatic actuator, three coordinate measuring instrument, pneumatic marking machine, CNC machine tool clamping device, pneumatic baler, inkjet printer, cylinder clamping force and other places, etc. ... The Suncenter  DGV05 air booster pump can handle it easily.

3. Powerful performance, superior performance and high efficiency. The output pressure can be adjusted to the pressure range allowed by the working chamber through the pressure reducing valve at the outlet of the gas tank. The output pressure can reach 40 bar, the power is large, the speed is fast, and the performance is superior.

4. Energy saving and low carbon, green construction is more environmentally friendly. No power supply, easy to install, energy saving and more environmentally friendly! Moreover, compared with the high pressure compressor, the noise is low and the input cost is low.

5. Instead of labor, the operation is safer. It is driven by gas, without arc and spark, and is also suitable for hazardous situations.

6. Save time and efficiency, and maintain pressure automatically. When the pressure of the pressure maintaining circuit drops, the gas-liquid booster pump will automatically start to replenish the leakage pressure and keep the circuit pressure constant.

7. One machine is versatile and suitable for multiple gas pressurization. Compressed air, nitrogen, etc. can be used as the driving source of the pump, and it can easily cope with various working conditions!

8. Reasonable design and convenient maintenance. It is made of aluminum alloy, and the aluminum alloy parts are processed and oxidized to black, which ensures the appearance and rust of the Suncenter DGV05 air booster pump, and the maintenance is very convenient!

Have you seen the eight reasons for the Centennial DGV05 air booster pump? Are you tempted?


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