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Lithium Battery Cap Power Off And Blasting Pressure Test Machine

Lithium Battery Cap Power Off And Blasting Pressure Test Machine


Innovate ingeniously and make the future wisely! In order to cope with the new challenges and new demands of industrial development, Dongguan Suncenter Fluid Control Equipment Co., Ltd. independently researched and developed lithium battery cap power-off and pressure burst testing machines & pressure test pump, and will work with you to meet higher market challenges!

With the development of science and technology, lithium batteries have become the mainstream, Lithium battery products on the market are also dazzling,The production process is becoming more and more perfect,production safety has been paid more and more importance by enterprises, in the production process, the product The test is an indispensable part, The new lithium battery cap power-off and pressure burst test machine developed by Suncenter is especially suitable for cylindrical lithium battery 10-32 cap test. PLC and sensor control can be used to record the tear pressure and blasting pressure value in real time, which can effectively reduce the unfavorable factors in the production process, greatly ensure the safety of producers and reduce the risk of enterprises.


Now let's talk about what are the highlights of this new lithium battery cap power failure and burst pressure tester?

1. The valve imported from Germany is used to avoid long-time switching and easy to damage;

2. The acquisition system adopts Siemens PLC with stable performance and reliable work;

3. Adopt imported digital display meter to express pressure test value more stably and clearly;

4.Equipped with high-quality, high-strength blue and white outer frame, the appearance is fresh and pleasing to the eye, the whole machine up and down no more than left and right, import digital display table to cooperate with each other, reflect each other

5. All parts and accessories are easy to use and sensitive, which is reflected in the increased accuracy in operation;

6. Take a closer look at the sheet metal and hardware accessories to ensure proper connection and smooth opening and closing.

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