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Suncenter Portable Carbon Dioxide Liquid Booster Pump

Suncenter Portable Carbon Dioxide Liquid Booster Pump


In the spirit of being highly responsible to customers and the market, on this basis, To put forward more stringent requirements on their own, Dongguan Suncenter efforts to create a better quality of liquid CO2 booster pump products.

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In response to customer needs, Dongguan Suncenter has cooperated with customers to customize a portable liquid CO2 booster pump. The device is currently an excellent CO2 booster, which is mainly used in the recovery and perfusion of new environmental protection refrigerants, liquefied gas (such as CO2、welfare, fluorine dragon)



In this process, in order to improve the performance of the portable CO2 booster pump, our company through the simulation of different environments of portable liquid CO2 booster pump repeated tests, focus on observing its resistance to compression and corrosion. The successful production of this equipment makes Suncenter stand out in the customer's industry, winning market applause and setting a successful example for Chinese companies.

Dongguan suncenter is one of the member who early start the pneumatic fluid control equipment industry, facing the current industry downturn, Dongguan Suncenter will expand the existing product types and invest a lot of capitals to improve the product in processing efficiency, surface finish, part and other aspects of stability, so as to develop more pneumatic booster pump equipment with outstanding performance and excellent quality, to meet the increasing processing technology and manufacturing needs of customers from all walks of life, and help customers improve production efficiency.

In addition, Dongguan Suncenter pays attention to the construction of after-sales service system, keeps track of products, realizes the feedback of customers' solution of doubt, maintained their basic rights and interests, and received wide acclaim.

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