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Oil pump electric energy consumption evaluation unit

by:Suncenter     2020-08-23
1, about the oil pump power plant energy consumption evaluation to evaluate and compare the heat natural gas booster pump units and other changes in temperature equipment energy consumption,. Mainly introduced here is suitable for the hot oil pump unit energy consumption analysis theory and software, on the basis of air conditioning cooling load, the outdoor dry bulb temperature, hot oil pump parameters such as temperature, water temperature frequency method, solve the hot oil pump and cooling energy consumption throughout the year. In solving the hot oil pump energy consumption in winter, in addition to consider air conditioning heat load, heat pump water temperature and outdoor dry-bulb temperature, also the outdoor relative humidity thinking into the hot oil pump heating performance, the software is tested by the practical engineering calculation, with good energy theory, provides a way to for energy consumption evaluation. 2, selection of heat conduction oil pump unit current design wind cold heat pump hot and cold water unit, often calculated on the basis of cold and hot load, thinking at the same time using the coefficient and cold ( Hot) After loss coefficient, according to the unit nameplate calibration value selection unit sets. Because of the oil pump of power plant unit refrigerating ( Hot) Quantity along with the change of outdoor parameters change, this way may constitute the unit chosen too large selection, constitute a waste; Or too small, the cooling ( Hot) The lack of quantity, short of using begged. This initiative by using the hourly cooling and heat load of air conditioning and heating and cooling of hot oil pump unit hourly variation curve comparison of talent selection, will compare with good results. 3, heat pump units in winter defrosting pump electrical units in winter heating operation, a big problem is that when outdoor temperature is low, the outdoor heat exchanger fin appearance will frost, ( Demand for defrosting measures) 。 According to relevant literature excerpts, after two years of field tracing test, the result is in addition to the frost damage of keeping the energy consumption of hot oil pump loss of 10. 2%, and the defrosting control method problem, about 27% of the defrost function is in the fin surface frost is not serious, do not demand of defrosting conditions to enter the defrost cycle. Method, are more or less has some problems, such as attack unnecessary defrost action, or demand defrosting and sometimes no signal and other ills. Literatures of defrosting control of time and large amount of uniform heating defrosting control method, theoretically quite interesting, but match difficult to complete. Keywords: oil pump power plant USES, pump unit price, the oil natural gas booster pump power plant manufacturers
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