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Oil pump unit electricity industry technology in China showed a trend of diversification

by:Suncenter     2020-08-30
Oil natural gas booster pump unit electricity industry technology in China showed a trend of diversification leads domestic natural gas booster pump industry trend, accurate grasp the pump technology is the development trend of the basic skills. The development of pump technology as other industry development, is driving the market demand. Nowadays, people in areas such as green, electronic high-tech development and sustainable development of the world mainly produced under the background of the huge demand, for many industries including pump industry or field brings the rapid changes of technology and development. technology development trend, mainly include the following: the vitality of the diversification of products, product is to the demand of the market. product characteristics have distinguishing feature each, be different, make the market trend of product diversification, the diversity of its diversity is reflected in the medium, the product structure difference and the difference of the operational requirements. 1, from the perspective of the diversity of the medium, the earlier they pump water and other can transport objects into a single flow of the liquid, gas or paste to the present can transport the solid-liquid mixture, the mixture of gas and liquid, solid and liquid mixture gas, until the delivery activities objects such as potatoes, rain, etc. Different delivery object for the internal structure of the pump are different. 2, look from the structure of the gear pump, the pump's inner structure are put forward new requirements, the natural gas booster pump installation form of pump, pipeline layout and maintenance aspects of the structure of the inner or outer puts forward new requirements. At the same time, various manufacturers added on the design of the structure of their enterprise concept, further increase the diversity of pump. 3, based on the general background of the sustainable development and green pump running environment for the design of the pump and put forward many requirements, such as leakage, noise reduction, vibration on sex, life extension and so on are put forward for the design of the pump of different emphasis or focus of several parallel all needs to consider, also must form the diversified forms of pump. In recent years, oil pump unit electricity industry in addition to diversified development, will develop in the direction of the standardization and modularization, looking forward to the pump industry is getting better and better. At present, the pump industry of discrete degree is high, the market is still in its decentralized state of free competition. The entire pump industry has a relatively strong market some of the first group, but there is no absolute industry leader. Each enterprise in the industry of fierce competition, market share is more and more concentrated to a few strengths enterprises. The above is our basic judgment on the current status of the domestic pump industry competition in the market. One, traditional state-owned enterprises gradually decline, continue to once upon a time, the pump industry many made a huge contribution to the national economy, the once-thriving star soes were retired, itself. On the one hand, the output of its traditional products and general pump drops seriously, many have dropped to less than the 1/4 of original production; In recent years, on the other hand, the formation of high-tech special pumps and pump products, also caused due to lack of order production capacity of a large number of idle. These established since the 1930 s began, witnessed the colonial system, old China authoritarian system, new China's planned economy system and the system of socialist market economy with Chinese characteristics, has experienced the brilliance of the republic of the creature, mostly have been or are being mergers, shut down, or even bankruptcy, one of only a few enterprises with its technical strengths are struggling to support, enterprise product positioning and market positioning in a chaos, embarrassing situation. Key words: oil pump power plant, oil pump power plant manufacturers, oil pump unit electrical wholesale
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