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Our company has developed the electric pump unit

by:Suncenter     2020-08-30
Developed the electric oil pump units, in order to achieve the main market demand in the field of electric vehicles. Automatic transmission in the optimization of lubrication, cooling and driving function. Market demand is made up of three modular power grade and application of hydraulic components. In any case, design of hydraulic components, motor and control the integration of electronic equipment. A common question is starting to stop engine mechanism may be due to lack of lubrication and lead to increased engine wear and tear. Is developing a new type of electric pump can provide solutions. Unfortunately, the lubricating oil pump and air conditioning system is often due to engine shut down. When switching between motor and motor systems, lubrication problem worse. Fear is when vehicles run on motor due to the pump pressure is zero and the lack of lubrication oil. As there is no power restart, this may mean before hydrodynamic film through the distribution of the engine will start high-speed rotary motion. This will lead to metal to metal contact and wear. Oil natural gas booster pump designed to keep the oil pressure during the driving mode, without affecting the manipulation or vehicle engine restart time. The system consists of electric motor commutator motor, electronic control unit and hydraulic natural gas booster pump, power range of 30 to 50 watts. It is also lighter than component system, and can use the ferrite or rare earth magnets, depending on the oil pump electrical requirements of the unit. Keywords: oil pump working principle of the power plant, oil pump power plant manufacturers, oil pump unit electrical wholesale
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