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Radiator Tube Expander Machine

Radiator Tube Expander Machine


The radiator is composed of several heat dissipation tubes, base, heat dissipation Fin components and supports, due to the small thickness of heat dissipation tubes and more heat dissipation fins oxygen booster pump, it is complex to connect them, it is necessary to eliminate the gap between heat dissipation tubes and heat dissipation fins (0.3mm-0.4mm) to achieve interference coordination and prevent looseness. This is the role of the tube expander machine.


Pneumatic hydraulic tube expander machine natural gas booster pump: electric control part, air driven booster system and expansion connector. Electronic control is controlled by sensor digital display. The air driven booster system uses two Suncenter high pressure liquid booster. It can boost the pressure rapidly, and the boost time within 25mm and 5m of pipe diameter can reach the predetermined pressure within a few seconds. Including pressurized main engine, high pressure rubber hose, expansion head card cover three parts of tooling.


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